Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my petit musical corner...This is a space inspired by many dancing feet, smiling eyes and singing souls I've met while touring into the musical world. I'll dedicate this space to talk a little bit about many different musicians and their oeuvre. I have a very eclectic CD collection and I'll try to share with you a bit of these delicious sounds and rhythms I discovered so far. Except for RAP and HIP-HOP, you might find any other music style in this Blog. Nothing against these two styles. They are not my thing, that's all. Eventually I might mention one or the other though.

If you have any particular interest and want to share, please be my guest! Leave comments, questions, suggestions and complaints. Above of all, I want this space to be informative to everybody.

Enjoy your visit here and have a happy musical journey!

your host.


  1. Ana said...
    Weren't you preparing a blog on Science? :) Nice blog though, I really like the style!
    Bengal said...
    Thanks, Ana! The one on Science is my professional web that is off the air right now for maintenance and upgrade. This corner here is for relaxing and learning more about one of my hobbies. :)
    Edu said...
    Oi Marcela, tudo bem? Olha só, achei a idéia do blog de música muito bacana. Beijos, Edu.
    Bengal said...
    Obrigada, Edu! E pode deixar que ninguem vai falar de...como foi que voce disse..."popozuda que rebola na cenoura"? Pode deixar que vou ficar de olho! Mar.

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