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Date: Jul-31-2009 - Aug-02-2009
Location/Sponsor: Kingsland Bay State Park - Ferrisburgh
Category: Art and Music

About the Event:

The Champlain Valley Folk Festival celebrates the cultural heritage of the Lake Champlain region with a family-friendly weekend at beautiful Kingsland Bay Park featuring music performances at six stages and a fully-programmed dance stage. Artists from the Yankee, Irish, Native American and French-Canadian traditions are joined by performers from the American folk and world music communities and by international craft and food vendors. A children's tent presents special performances for younger audiences, an outdoor stage by the shore of the lake allows festival-goers to swim while they listen, and nearby camping is available.

The Champlain Valley Folk Festival receives regular support from the Quebec Government and the Canadian Consulate (Boston) to program leading traditional artists from Quebec, as well as elsewhere in Atlantic Canada. In addition, the Festival presents artists from other cultural traditions such as the music and dance of the ethnic and national communities that have lately established a significant presence in the Champlain Valley region, such as the Bosnians and the Sudanese.

Festival Ma Rivière en Chanson

VENDREDI (Musique country)

16h00 - Bluegrass Saint-Côme
17h00 - Black Stallion
19h30 - Mot de bienvenue
20h00 - Manon Bédard
21h30 - Paul Dwayne


10h00 - Tournoi de pétanque (Informations: Henri Dufresne 450-883-5646)
12h00 - Course de radeaux Les joyeux naufragés (Informations: Bertrand Riopel 450-883-1739)

Après-midi musique du monde

13h00 - Sakay Ottawa (Musique amérindienne)
15h00 - King Melrose (Musique blues)
17h00 - Jab Jab (Musique africaine, soca et reggae)

20h00 - Soirée Jeune Relève (Direction musicale François Marion)

DIMANCHE (Musique traditionnelle)

10h00 - Exposition de voitures anciennes (Stationnement du Centre de Loisirs Marcel Thériault)

11h15 - Messe à l’église
12h00 - Bernard Simard et compagnie
12h15 - Randonnée pédestre
13h00 - Baqqhus

13h00 - Course de canards sur la rivière L’Assomption accompagnée par le groupe
Le Beau, Le Gros, L’Agrément (Informations: André Riopel 450 883-5234)
14h00 - La Giroflée
16h30 - Hommage aux aînés

• Animation pour enfants, maquillage jeux gonflables et restauration sur place toute la fin de semaine
• Exposition d’artisans le samedi et le dimanche

Flames of the Dance
2nd January 2010 - Theater am Marientor, Duisburg, Germany, 8pm
3rd January 2010 - City-Forum, Euskirchen, Germany, 7pm
4th January 2010 - Bürgerhalle, Coesfeld, Germany, 8pm
5th January 2010 - Forum, Leverkusen, Germany, 8pm
6th January 2010 - Stadthalle, Meschede, Germany, 8pm
7th January 2010 - Stadthalle, Northeim, Germany, 8pm
8th January 2010 - KiK Wernigerode, Wernigerode, Germany, 8pm
9th January 2010 - Bürgersaal im Stadthaus, Rotenburg-Wümme, Germany, 8pm
10th January 2010 - Aula des Gymnasiums a. Fredenberg, Salzgitter, Germany, 8pm
12th January 2010 - Kieler Schloss, Kiel, Germany, 8pm
13th January 2010 - Kongresshalle, Husum, Germany, 8pm

Lord of the Dance
16th October - Casino Rama, Rama, ON, Canada, 2pm & 9pm
17th October - Casino Rama, Rama, ON, Canada, 9pm
25th November - Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA, 8pm
14th-15th May 2010 - Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 8pm
15th May 2010 - Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2pm
16th May 2010 - Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1pm & 6.30pm

Magic of the Dance
26th December - CCS Stadtgarten, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, 8pm
30th December - Saalbau, Neustadt, Germany, 8pm
4th January 2010 - Musical Dome, Köln, Germany, 8pm
7th January 2010 - Paderhalle, Paderborn, Germany, 8pm
8th January 2010 - Westfalenhalle 3A, Dortmund, Germany, 8pm
9th January 2010 - Weser-Ems-Halle, Oldenburg, Germany, 8pm
10th January 2010 - Stadthalle, Ahlen, Germany, 8pm

30th September - Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 8pm
1st October - Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 8pm
1st-3rd December - Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 7.30pm
4th-5th December - Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 8pm
5th-6th December - Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 2pm
6th December - Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 7pm
26th-28th January 2010 - Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 7.30pm
29th-30th January 2010 - Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 8pm
30th-31st January 2010 - Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 2pm
31st January 2010 - Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 7pm
5th-6th February 2010 - Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 8pm
6th-7th February 2010 - Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 2pm
7th February 2010 - Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 7.30pm

Spirit of the Dance
28th-30th September - Theatre Royal, Brighton, U.K., 7.45pm
5th October - Hawth Theatre, Crawley, U.K., 7.30pm

For complete schedule for these and other shows please visit our tour
section at this link.

The "Hemisférios" tour is still on the road with concerts in Portugal, Germany, Poland and Malaysia.

Hemisférios Tour 2009: (DD/MM/YR)

Festival ECT – Encontro de Talentos Criativos - Barreiro
Festival Internacional de Gigantes, Pinhal Novo

Kuching, Amphitheatre
Kuching, Sarawak Cultural Village, Rainforest Music Festival

Parque da Várzea, Torres Vedras


Dortmund, Micro!Festival

Castelo, Abrantes
CAE, Portalegre
CCC, Caldas da Rainha, Grande Auditório

Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
Villa Leon, Nurnberg

Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse, Esslingen

The Violon Trad Québec Camp's main objectives are to introduce people to, instruct on, and thoroughly examine traditional Québécois fiddle music while developing the skills of the musician/camper. This six-day training programme is led by professionals in the field of traditional Québécois music and welcomes students of all levels between the ages of 6 and 99.

Based in Lanaudiere region in Quebec province, this camp is unlike any other: It promotes openness towards the legacy of traditional Québécois song by encouraging both its development and a universal mastery of the genre. The camp supports cultural and intergenerational exchanges, and allows musicians to practice the violin while enhancing their skills and technique. It is the perfect place to learn and share a common repertoire, and keep the rich traditional culture of Quebec alive.

Camp Mariste at Rawdon (Quebec)

André Brunet, Stéphanie Lépine, Michel Bordeleau, Valérie Gauthier, Éric Beaudry, Martine Billette

Contradance July 18th! Photos View last year's class schedule

New England • Québecois • English • Scandinavian

CLASSES & ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Contras, squares, Québecois step and social dances, English Dances, Scandinavian Turning Dances, Fiddle, Hardingfele, Guitar, Piano, Singing, Calling, Band Clinics, Dance Parties, Jam Sessions, Song Swaps and more . . .
DANCE STAFF: MUSIC STAFF: (Includes Tidal Wave and the Greenfield Dance Band)

The 15th Annual Sebastopol Celtic World Music Festival — a combination of three evenings and two full days of events — will take place September 25- 27 at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. Saturday and Sunday daytime events take place from 11:00 - 6:00 pm and are held at the Sebastopol Community Center and Laguna Youth Park and ball field next to the Community Center.

About the Festival

With a wide array of Celtic crafts and wares, fine foods, workshops, dancers, children's activities, microbrewed ale, and choice wines, The Sebastopol Celtic Festival has developed a reputation for presenting quality world-class entertainment in a warm and inviting setting, influencing many of the performers to stay during daytime festivities over the weekend. This year's line up of performers will live up to that reputation in the highest regard.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, the musical phenomenon that was FLOOK officially decided to call it a day in late 2008. After much arm twisting however, they’ve agreed to play a one off
concert, as part of the biggest event ever to hit the island of Ireland – the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge (13-16 August 2009).

As the Gateway to the Tall Ships, Custom House Square in Belfast will play host to a veritable feast of fantastic folk, trad, roots and world music over the four day period, culminating in what is turning out to be possibly the most exciting evening of traditional music this year.

The ‘Titanic World Ceilidh’ runs from 8pm-12midnight on Sunday 16th August and features Brian Finnegan, Sarah Allen, Ed Boyd and John Joe Kelly (aka FLOOK!) PLUS very special guests.

Eager not to miss the chance to film this unique event, BBC Blas Ceoil will be hosting the evening and also presenting a variety of ‘special guests’. Contractually we can’t give you the details of who all those people are just yet – but if folk, roots and traditional music are
your cup of tea, we guarantee you won’t find a more exciting line up this year!

Tickets are priced at a recession busting £12 each and are available here.

For further details, visit:

link 1
link 2

Also appearing at ‘The Energy Saving Trust Gateway to the Tall Ships’ are:
Four Men and a Dog, Lau, The Battlefield Band, Orchesta Cache – and many, many more!

Première édition du Rendez-Vous d’Août : stage estival de musique, de danse et de chanson traditionnelles québécoises à Montréal, les 12, 13 et 14 août 2009

Ateliers de danse, de gigue, de call, de podorythmie, de répertoire, de chanson, d’accompagnement au piano et à la guitare. Avec Normand Legault et Pierre Chartrand, Daniel Lemieux, Richard Forest, Louis-Simon Lemieux, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Mario Loiselle, André Brunet, Pierre-Luc Dupuis et Éric Beaudry.

Tarifs : 170$ et 150$ pour les membres, passeport pour le festival La Grande Rencontre inclus ! (et 10% de moins si inscription avant le 20 juillet)
Pour plus d’informations.

Le Festival Mémoire et Racines présente au centre-ville de Joliette et au Parc Saint-Jean-Bosco de Saint-Charles-Borromée dans la belle région de Lanaudière plus de 150 artistes dont La Volée d’Castors et la Sinfonia de Lanaudière, Norouet, Crooked Still, Les Gitans de Sarajevo, Galant, tu perds ton temps et plusieurs autres. Tous les détails sur la programmation du festival (jour et soir), les tarifs et les services offerts au lien.

Bonjour à toutes et tous,

Et oui ! C'est déjà le temps de solliciter votre aide en prévision du Festival Chants de Vielles qui se déroulera encore cette année, à Calixa-Lavallé e les 11-12-13 septembre 2009 pour une 6e édition haut en musique, chant, instruments pour tous les goûts, bonne bouffe, bonne bière, belle ambiance, mais surtout du bien beau monde. Nous avons des invités de choix encore cette année et pensez que vous pouvez profiter de tout cela gratuitement si vous nous offrez quelques heures de votre temps. Il est entendu qu'encore cette année vous aurez droit à un coupon bière et un coupon repas pour chaque bloc de quatre heures travaillé.

Le Festival est en grosse partie un succès par ce que vous, les bénévoles, êtes indispensables à son bon fonctionnement. Il ne pourrait avoir lieu si vous n'en faisiez pas parties.

Vous trouverez en attacher une fiche d'inscription complète avec tous les choix d'horaire. Je vous demanderais de bien vouloir la remplir et me la retourner par COURRIEL. Si vous avez besoin d'éclaircir certains points, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Vous trouverez au bas toutes les coordonnées nécessaires pour me joindre.

Nul besoin de vous rappeler que premier arrivé, premier servi. Alors plus vite vous me répondrez, plus vous risquez d'avoir vos premiers choix; Je vous promets de faire de mon mieux pour satisfaire tout le monde, et ce, dans la plus grande honnêteté. Alors, j'attends vos nombreuses réponses avec grande impatience et je vous remercie à l'avance de votre générosité et implication.

Au plaisir
Chantale Emond
cemond01@sympatico. ca

American Folk Festival
August 28, 29, 30, 2009

2009 Performers

We are pleased to announce the full line-up for the 2009 American Folk Festival. From Jamaican reggae, to Ethiopian music and dance, the AFF offers a diverse sampling of traditional music and dance. Prepare to be WOWed!

Clinton Fearon, Jamaican reggae Clinton Fearon
The Lost Bayou Ramblers, Cajun
Cherish the Ladies, Irish
Joshua Nelson, Kosher Gospel
Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials, Chicago Blues
Gadelle, Acadian
Rob Curto's Forró for All, Brazilian forró
Mighty Sam McClain, Soul
Los Texmaniacs, Conjunto tejano
Terry "Harmonica" Bean, Delta blues
Paschall Brothers, African American a cappella gospel
Andes Manta, AndeanMythili Prakash
Music from China, Chinese
Nikolay Kolev & Bulgarika, Bulgarian
Maestro Modesto Nieves y Herencia Musical, Puerto Rican cuatro master
Brice Chapman, trick roper
Pride of Maine Black Bear Marching Band, University of Maine
Gene Tagaban, Tlingit storyteller, musician & dancer
The Nile Ensemble, Ethiopian music and dance
The Claire Lynch Band, Country and bluegrass
Les Charbonniers de L'Enfer, Québécois a cappella songJoshua Nelson
Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass, Traditional Bluegrass
Mythili Prakash and the Dance of India Ensemble, Bharata Natyam

To learn more about our 2009 Perfomers, visit the Festival's website.

A full schedule will be available in mid-July.

The Official Festival Program Guide will be in the August 15th edition of the Bangor Daily News. The Program Guide has the full schedule, information about performers, food, craft and Taste of Maine vendors, the Children's Area, Folk Life Stage Demonstrations and more!

Volunteers Still Needed!

Help spread the word!! Volunteers are still needed for the 2009 American Folk Festival. Everyone who submits a volunteer registration form by June 30th is guaranteed a volunteer t-shirt in the size they selected on their form.

Here is where help is still needed:
Bucket Brigade - be out in the crowd collecting donations and handing out thank you stickers - many people still needed for Saturday and Sunday. Public Surveyors - collect important information from Festival-goers - many people still needed for all 3 days. Stage Area Services - be close to the music - assisting backstage, helping with seating - 64 shifts still available. Vending - sell Festival merchandise, soda and water to visitors - 47 shifts still open. On-Call Volunteers - help where it is most needed - 41 shifts left to fill. Music Sales - sell performer CDs to thousands of Festival-goers - 45 shifts still available. Site Strike - after the party is over it's time to strike the site - 21 openings left on Sunday night and Monday. Want to help record the sounds of the 2009 AFF? 20 more Music Logging shifts need to be filled. Help Festival Folk Art & Craft Marketplace vendors - 17 shifts still open. Like to answer questions? 16 shifts still available at Festival Information Booths. Like to multi-task? Dance Tent Sales, a combination of Information, Vending and Music Sales, has 11 shifts open. There are a few shifts left for our Festival Desk, Valet Bike Parking, Site Set-Up, Super Bucket Greeters and Volunteer Registration. Register
online or call Debbi at 207-974-3216.

2009 Sponsors

Bangor Daily News
City of Bangor

Bangor Savings Bank
FairPoint Communications
LL Bean
National Endowment for the Arts

Cellardoor Vineyard
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
Hollywood Slots Hotel & Raceway
Sea Dog Brewing Company

A complete listing can be found on our website.

The American Folk Festival is produced by the non-profit Bangor Folk Festival, in partnership with the City of Bangor, Eastern Maine Development Corporation, the Maine Discovery Museum, the National Council for Traditional Arts and the Maine Folklife Center at the University of Maine.