Jacques Boudreau also brings us a review of the night of celebration at the small village of Guadeloupe, by Beauce, Quebec. I added here the post of the event sometime ago. I always enjoy to read the reviews of the events and see how the shows went, the reaction of the people present, etc. This is the type of reading that convinces me to travel far to enjoy great fun among friends! If you think the same way, you can access the review here.

This Wednesday, Dec. 31st, Élizabeth Gagnon will review the great Quebecois Trad artists that entertained us during 2008 (and for years before!)

Réveillons nos racines
Presenter: Élizabeth Gagnon
Radio de Radio-Canada
December 31st, 8 P.M.

Among the artists of the night, we will listen to Les Charbonniers de l’enfer, La volée d’castors, Les chauffeurs à pieds, Les Batinsses, les Mononcles, Rosheen, Galant, Tu perds ton temps, Réveillons, Gentilcorum, Le Vent du Nord, les frères Pellerin, Yves Lambert and the Bébert orchestra, De Temps Antan, etc.

This information can also be found in French at the Franco-American News & Events, posted by Jacques Boudreau. Thanks, Jacques, for sharing the news!


Celtic Connections Education Concerts
Thursday 29th January 2009, 11.00am

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - Auditorium

It’s sure to be an uproarious welcome back to Celtic Connections for Québec’s outstanding musical ambassadors, the unstoppable 10-piece party machine that is La Bottine Souriante, last seen at the festival back in 2004.

Formed in 1976 in the music-rich Francophone region of Lanaudière, La Bottine have earned their reputation as “the best band in the world” – according to US folk bible Dirty Linen – by cooking up traditional dance tunes and chorus songs with jazz, salsa and funk flavours, courtesy of a sizzling-hot brass section.

The concert will also feature songs and clarsach from Scottish duet The Duplets.

La Bottine Souriante with Julie Fowlis
Thursday 29th January 2009, 7.30pm

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - Auditorium

Gaelic song phenomenon Julie Fowlis won yet more new fans in 2008 with her translated version of the Beatles’ Blackbird, as featured on November’s enhanced reissue of her award-winning second album Cuilidh. Recently named as the Scottish Executive’s inaugural Gaelic Ambassador of the Year, she appears with regular accompanists Éamon Doorley, Duncan Chisholm, Tony Byrne and Martin O’Neill.

Check the list of artists participating! Many talents such as Les Chauffeurs à Pieds, Lúnasa, Genticorum, Yves Lambert & The Bebert Orchestra, Le Vent du Nord, Tony McManus, and many more. I think the Quebecois presence will be well registered! And for those who don't know yet, Benoit Bourque will be there with La Bottine Souriante. By their list, you can see this is a very traditional event and will be a great festival!

Hello everyone!
Bonjour tout le monde!

Check out this fest!! You'll see not only who's playing this year at Saint-Bernard sixth annual Quebecois trad music festival Chantez-vous bien chez nous but you'll also be able to view all the great videos and pictures from past years' shows!!

The fest will be held at Saint-Bernard, Quebec, next February 20-22, 2009. If you plan to attend, you can get your tickets earlier here or call them toll free at 1-800-678-5440 to reserve your tickets!! You don't want to show up without 'em!!

See you all in Saint-Bernard!!

- Benoît "New Hampshire"

From a press release:

It's on San Francisco's KALW-FM today, DEC 27!
Online here.

A lively celebration of the season with some of Ireland's brightest young traditional stars will be aired on KALW-FM (San Francisco) this Saturday, Dec. 27th from 3:00 to 5:00pm (PST). "An Irish Christmas in America," featuring award-winning group Téada and leading Irish vocalist Cara Dillon, can be heard at 91.7 FM in the Bay Area or online (streaming).

The holiday program of traditional music, song, and spoken word also features Irish musicians Grainne Hambly on harp and uilleann piper Tommy Martin. The show will air on the program "Folk and Beyond," with a playlist of the concert to be posted at this website. The program was recorded live in concert last month at the Freight & Salvage on Nov. 30.

"An Irish Christmas in America" is an annual tour produced by Téada bandleader/fiddler Oisin Mac Diarmada. The group has a new holiday CD by the same name. For more on the tour or to purchase the CD, visit this website.

I celebrate Christmas and for that I wish you all a Merry Christmas! If you celebrate another holiday, I also wish you a Great Holiday! This is the time of the year to sing all those beautiful carols and holiday songs, the time of the year that music is all around, in the churches, in the theaters,the plazas, the choirs and in the neighborhood every time a small group of people gather around... so, sing! Sing 2008 out and 2009 in... Sing the bad and good moments, and let your mind immerse in this time of the year that could be like any other one, but it's hard not to see how people change just looking around... and if you are shy to sing for all this, get yourself a nice dose of the good old eggnog and celebrate! :)

I wish you all a great Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

Hi All,

I'm writing to let you know that I have a space in a dance show for two full time girls and a boy from now or as soon as possible until May of 2009.

The show is based in Tenerife, Spain, The Canary Islands. There are only five by 40 minute performances a week in total.

Apartment accommodation is paid for by the company Nekoartishow and each dancer has their own room. It is situated in the centre of Los Cristianos about 2 mins walk to the beach and close to all local shops & amenities.


For example myself and Sean Kelliher, have taken advantage by attending Spanish classes since July. It has been an absolutely phenomenal way of learning a new language and getting to practice it on a daily basis.

I have set up a dance school out here. I have use of my own studio, so if a dancer needs to practice for competition or other, there is no problem with facilities!

If you are interested or know of anyone that might be. Please email me:
davidjames4u at yahoo.com and I will get back to you immediately.

In the meantime I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and splendid 2009.


David Moore

Championship Level Irish Dancers Needed - USA 2009

Attention all Irish dancers 18 and older. Celtic Legends is looking for experienced Male and Female dancers for short tour and full summer season in the US in 2009. Further opportunities available for worldwide travel.

Send full resume and video/pic to celt053 at yahoo.com

This show is not tracked. Dancing is high energy and the real thing. Only experienced dancers need apply.

For more information on the show, follow this link.

Serge Desaunay - Personnalité du Revival Folk des années 70, Serge Desaunay a participé à la redécouverte de l'accordéon diatonique et s'est vite imposé comme une référence de cet instrument en France. Interprète intrépide et compositeur a la sensibilité renommée, il a enregistré de nombreux disques et parcouru de très nombreux styles musicaux, du folk à la musique québécoise, du tzigane à l'irlandais, en passant par le musette, le swing...

Au début des années 80, il intègre avec son frère Patrick le groupe de Francine Reeves, les Maudzits Français: Pendant dix ans, ils feront plusieurs centaines de veillées québécoises en France et en Europe, avec la participation d'Isabelle de Vry (alors Isabelle Voisin), ainsi que plusieurs tournées au Québec, qui leur permettent également de réaliser un important travail de collectage.

Lorsque Francine retourne s'installer au Québec, son fils Benoît Reeves reprend le flambeau et fonde les Maganés, que Serge intègre aussitôt. Il aura alors l'occasion de jouer avec des personnalités québécoises ou françaises de cette musique, tels Luc Laroche au sein de Rabaska, Luc Gaudreau, Pierrick Lemoux, etc et de participer à d'autres tournées au Québec, notamment à l'occasion des Rencontres Internationales
d'Accordéon de Montmagny. Il continue de jouer régulièrement avec Benoît et Luc
Gaudreau au sein de la Grande Visite.

Sergei.desaunay at laposte.net
Tel: 03 22 75 49 43 Ou 06 71 77 70 58

Henrichemont 30Km au nord de Bourges 1800 habitants fondée en avril 1609

Samedi 09 mai 2009 à partir de 9 h, Ecole primaire d’Henrichemont

Voir 1er volet du dépliant (11h de stage )

Gîte d’étape de la Borne à 4Km d’Henrichemont (Hébergement collectif)
7,6 € la nuit sur réservation...Voir fiche d’inscription. Apporter son duvet.

Samedi midi:
Restaurant coût: 12€ sur réservation .(voir fiche d’inscription)
Samedi soir:
Lors de la veillée québécoise à Henrichemont
Dimanche midi:
Restaurant coût: 12€ sur réservation .(voir fiche d’inscription)

Atelier musique:
130€ pour l’atelier , comprenant les frais pédagogiques et la veillée repas du samedi soir. Limite d’inscription liée au nombre de participants (8 participants maximum )

IMPORTANT:En cas de désistement, L’association gardera L’acompte de 20€ demandé.
L’association se réserve le droit d’annuler le stage en cas de nombre insuffisant d’inscrits. N’oubliez pas votre instrument...et éventuellement un magnétophone...

Taddle Creek Fiddlers, is a gathering that happens twice a month - on the first and third Tuesdays - at 7:00 P.M. in the upstairs chapel of the Holy Trinity Church, right next to the Eaton Center downtown Toronto. Artists gather to play Quebecois and Canadian music in general.

You can check the calendar through this link, but it hasn't been updated on the page yet.

The host of the event is Jim Dolmage, an experienced fiddler who plays with a band called Birling and participates in many other venues in Ontario and elsewhere.

Check it out. I'm becoming a big fan of these gatherings. They usually are very friendly, involve players of all levels, and they are simply great fun!


Lord of the Dance
16th February 2009 - Assembly Halls, Champaign, IL, USA, 7.30pm
21st February 2009 - Rosengarten Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Germany, 8pm
23rd February 2009 - Budvar Arena, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 6pm

Magic of the Dance
18th-19th February 2009 - Shouwburg Het Park, Hoorn, Netherlands, 8.15pm

Rhythm of the Dance
21st January 2009 - Stadthalle, Singen, Germany, 8pm

3rd-4th October 2009 - Stadthalle, Wien, Austria, 3pm
3rd-6th October 2009 - Stadthalle, Wien, Austria, 8pm
12th-15th October 2009 - Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany, 8pm
29th-31st October 2009 - CCH, Hamburg, Germany, 8pm
31st October 2009 - CCH, Hamburg, Germany, 3pm
1st November 2009 - CCH, Hamburg, Germany, 3pm & 8pm
2nd-4th November 2009 - Stadthalle, Braunschweig, Germany, 8pm
6th-8th November 2009 - Musical Theater, Bremen, Germany, 8pm
7th-8th November 2009 - Musical Theater, Bremen, Germany, 3pm
10th-15th November 2009 - König-Pilsener- ARENA, Oberhausen, Germany, 8pm
14th-15th November 2009 - König-Pilsener- ARENA, Oberhausen, Germany, 3pm
17th-21st November 2009 - Arena, Leipzig, Germany, 8pm
21st November 2009 - Arena, Leipzig, Germany, 3pm
15th-18th December 2009 - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8.15pm

For complete schedule for these and other shows please visit the tour
section here.

Thanks, Alex, for spreading the word.


Josée Vachon's new album 25 ans—Collection Vol. II has just arrived! It contains 22 songs, 5 never recorded before, plus a live track in concert. Some stores received it this week but check with them before or wait till January.

After 13-plus years, hundreds of gigs, millions of miles traveled together and countless brilliant times, we've decided to call it a day. It might be forever or a prolonged pause, who knows, but we're all still great friends and will always remain so. This might sound like a cliche but it is deeply truthful.

Huge thanks to every single one of you for your support and love. We'll certainly miss making music as Flook, but the light, notes and memories shine on in our hearts.

We'll keep you informed of any important news in the future, for now our love and best wishes for 2009 and beyond.

Sarah, Brian, Ed and John Joe x

Hey! Ever wonder what it would be like to have Christmas in Killarney, or anywhere in Ireland? Check out this article at the Irish Fireside.

And if you're looking for Celtic Christmas music, traditions and more, check out my new Celtic Christmas website.

For those who are wondering, I hope to record my Celtic Christmas special today. So it should be out by the end of the week. In the meantime, check out the Cleveland Celtic Podcast. Wendy will have TWO fantastic Christmas shows this year.

Marc Gunn

Have you ever heard of this old and very different tradition to the classical Irish dance? It's the broom dance tradition...

The Veillée de l’avant-Veille is now firmly established as a Holiday tradition in Montréal. This unique once-a-year event is all about traditional folk music and dance. The venue is in the heart of downtown Montréal. There, about a thousand people gather to celebrate the here and now and experience the trance induced by traditional dances: square dances, cotillons, quadrilles, etc. Pure joy for the senses!

More than a concert, an evening!

As usual, the Veillée de l’avant-Veille will unfold in three times. First there will be a double concert followed by feverish dancing.

On the bill this year:
GENTICORUM: Group consisting of Alexandre DeGrosBois-Garand, Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet.
LE VENT DU NORD: The world’s top Quebec traditional folk group! During fall, the band has been nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards Band of the year and their third album DANS LES AIRS has been nominated for ADISQ's Album of the Year - TRAD. Their performance are a blast and their musicianship unparalleled.
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BERTHIAUME: One of Quebec’s best square dance callers.

Join us for the Veillée de l’Avant-Veille, the Pre-New Year’s Eve, a gathering of happy people!

The Sean-nós Northwest Festival celebrates and promotes three aspects of traditional Irish culture – sean-nós singing, sean-nós dancing, and Gaeilge, the Irish language. These living folk traditions from the rural West of Ireland are strikingly beautiful, vitally satisfying, and incredibly rare to find anywhere outside of Ireland.

The festival brings master artists Áine Meenaghan, Brían Ó hAirt, and Ben Power to the Pacific Northwest to teach day-long workshops in these traditions. Learners at all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, are welcome. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills during an open session at the end of the day, and the master teachers will perform in a concert, open to the public, in the evening.

Download the registration form
and join us at the festival!
Questions? E-mail Alicia Guinn: seannosseattle at gmail.com.

Odarka Polanskyj Stockert — an accomplished harpist with a repertoire spanning the centuries, from Classical to Broadway to Folk — performs on both the concert pedal harp and the folk harp.

"Celtic Music on the Celtic harp warms the soul on a winter's day", so enjoy this December 16th (Tuesday) Odarka's Lobby Concert (informal) at the Bridgewater Library (1 Vogt Drive, Bridgewater, NJ 08807), from 10:30 AM till 12:30 PM and again from 1 PM till 3 PM.

More information can be found at Odarka's Official Website or Odarka's MySpace.

JMI: Journal of Music in Ireland today announced that it is unlocking its entire online archive.

The resource, which can be accessed free here, comprises the complete back-catalog of the magazine and contains hundreds of articles, interviews, reviews and listings. The publishers of JMI believe the move will stimulate international interest in Irish musical life and provide valuable exposure to Irish musicians and composers.

Moreover, the archive represents a unique record of Irish musical life since 2000, and will be a valuable resource for musicians, composers, students, academics, journalists or anyone worldwide with a serious interest in Irish music.

The resource can be explored with our intelligent site-search facility, or by browsing by date or by the names of contributors. Visit the site to delve into this musical treasure trove.

The Editor, JMI.

(by Valérie Lesage - Le Soleil - ville de Québec)
Publié le 13 décembre 2008.
Hyperlien :

(Québec) Loin du Bonhomme Hiver et du gros barbu blanc et rouge, Claire Pelletier s'en vient chanter Noël comme on ne l'entend plus depuis longtemps. Oubliez les sapins multicolores et le renne au nez rouge, la chanteuse et ses musiciens vous transporteront à Bethléem le 19 décembre, sur une scène décorée de voilures blanches, éclairée par une lampe du Moyen-Orient. L'an dernier, Claire Pelletier a lancé Le premier Noël, un disque sur lequel elle interprète un répertoire qui ramène au véritable esprit de la fête.

«On m'avait proposé, il y a un certain temps, de faire un album de Noël, mais je ne voulais pas faire la sauce qu'on est habitué d'entendre. Il restait les chants plus religieux. Je me suis dit que j'irais dans l'ambiance de Bethléem, de l'étoile, de la nativité», raconte la chanteuse.

Encore fallait-il trouver assez de ces cantiques, pastorales et chants traditionnels pour créer un disque et un spectacle de Noël... Claire Pelletier a fait un travail d'historienne pour les dénicher. À l'occasion d'un voyage à Paris, pour célébrer ses 25 ans de vie commune avec son amoureux, elle est allée aux archives nationales de France et elle a fait là de belles découvertes.

«Ça m'excite beaucoup, les recherches! Et c'est très particulier car n'entre pas qui veut dans ces lieux. Il faut obtenir des autorisations et après, on fait sa sélection, on nous emmène dans une salle d'écoute (à l'autre bout de la ville) et si quelque chose n'a pas encore été numérisé, ça se fait au moment de l'écoute», explique-t-elle.

Plusieurs versions

Claire Pelletier a fait d'autres découvertes au Québec, dans un livre rare de l'historien et bibliothécaire Ernest Myrand; elle a aussi fouillé sur Internet et découvert plusieurs versions d'une même chanson.

«Laissez paître vos bêtes, c'est la même mélodie que Venez divin messie, alors je me suis demandé pourquoi. La version originale, c'est avec les bêtes, pas le messie. J'ai retrouvé le monsieur qui a modifié les paroles pour que ce soit plus religieux. C'est amusant, j'aime beaucoup ce travail.»

Claire Pelletier se réjouit de pouvoir amener ces chansons sur scène avec des orchestrations proches de celles de l'album. Ce qui constituait un grand défi en raison de la quantité d'instruments utilisés dans la production. Une subvention de la SODEC lui permet de s'offrir une belle formation musicale, avec trombone, clarinette, basson, trompette, violoncelle, contrebasse, piano, guitare, flûte et percussions nord-africaines.

«Je me sens privilégiée d'avoir une telle formation. C'est un grand luxe que je me paie (elle est productrice), mais c'est un rêve d'aller chanter à la salle Louis-Fréchette, alors j'irai bien entourée!»

Après le temps des Fêtes, Claire Pelletier reprendra son travail de création car elle nous prépare un nouvel album pour l'automne prochain. Elle travaille avec de nouveaux paroliers et souhaite faire entendre un son plus contemporain. «J'ai le goût de me remettre au diapason avec notre monde actuel. J'ai beaucoup de préoccupations comme citoyenne du Québec et du monde. Notre humanisme a besoin d'être questionné et je me sens interpellée. Peut-être que je parlerai un petit peu plus de moi aussi, ce sera un peu plus personnel.»

Vous voulez y aller?

QUOI : Le premier Noël
QUI : Claire Pelletier
QUAND : 19 décembre, 20h
OÙ : Grand Théâtre
BILLETS : 29 $ et 35 $ (étudiant 20 $ et 25 $)
TÉL. : 418 643-8131

Claire Pelletier's MySpace.

Thanks, Jacques Boudreau! Bengal.

I'm not into announcing products here, but I would recommend as holiday gifts (or for any other special occasion) the albums of all the talents we discuss, write about and don't miss a concert. The holidays are not about gifts but about gatherings, and to be among your beloved ones is a blessing in itself...

Having said that, I've discovered this French atelier - Atelier des Elfes - years ago and was captivated by the gorgeous pieces they do. I'm mentioning here because I know some of you will be interested, and also to share the creativity of the artist that develops these pieces. Please, keep in mind I'm not connected with the artist in any way though.


12/14 Bill Evans & Megan Lynch, Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena
12/14 Celtic Spring Univ. of Redlands/Redlands
12/14 Houston Jones Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
12/14 Houston Jones KPIG "Please Stand By"/Watsonville
12/15 Riders of the Purple Sage with Evan Marshall, Coffee Gallery
Backstage/Altadena 626/398-7917
12/16 Sabrina & Craig's Acoustic LA, Coffee Gallery
Backstage/Altadena 626/398-7917
12/17 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
12/17 Mike Renwick Band feat. the Eric Bolvin Horns, Don
Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
12/18-21 Taj Mahal Yoshi's/Oakland
12/18 Caliban Ye Olde Royal Oak/Santa Clara 408/588-1111
12/18 Girlyman Don Quixote's/Felton (w/Lucy
Wainwright Roche) 831/603-2294
12/18 Terry Talbot & the Mason Profit Band, Coffee Gallery
Backstage/Altadena 626/398-7917
12/19-20 Barry McGuire Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena (w/John
York) 626/398-7917
12/19 Crooked Still Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
12/20 Doug MacLeod Miramonte Winery/Temecula
12/20 Sourdough Slim Sutter Creek Thtr/Sutter Creek (w/The Saddle
Pals) 530/872-1187
12/21 Banshee in the Kitchen, Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
12/21 Houston Jones Sierra Nevada Brewing Co//Chico (w/Joe
Craven, Crooked Still) 510/306-4809
12/21 Jim "Kimo West & the Polynesian Paradise Dancers, Grand
Annex/San Pedro
12/23 Soweto Gospel Choir, Walt Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles
12/27 Doug MacLeod Iva Lee's/San Clemente
12/27 The Tommy Castro Band, Cache Creek Casino - Club 88/Brooks
12/28 Sligo Rags Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena
12/28 The Trailer Park Troubadours, The Palms/Winters 530/795-1825
12/31 John Lee Hooker, Jr., Biscuits & Blues/San Francisco
12/31 Los Fabulocos feat. Kid Ramos, 1st Night/Fullerton
12/31 The Tommy Castro Band, Mystic Thtr/Petaluma (w/Hillside Fire)
01/03 Danjuma & Onola Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
01/03 George Winston Palace of Fine Arts Thtr/San Francisco
01/03 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
01/03 Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet, Arcadia Blues
01/04 George Winston Hutchins Street Square/Lodi
01/07 Elliott Murphy Cafe du Nord/San Francisco (w/Jann Klose)
01/07 Jann Klose Cafe du Nord/San Francisco (w/Elliott Murphy)
01/07 Palm Wine Boys Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
01/08 Elliott Murphy Don Quixote's/Felton (w/Jann Klose)
01/08 George Winston Lobero Thtr/Santa Barbara
01/08 Jann Klose Don Quixote's/Felton (w/Elliott Murphy)
01/09-10 Rebirth Brass Band, The Independent/San Francisco
01/09 April Verch McCabe's/Santa Monica 310/828-4497
01/09 Coco Montoya Double Tree Hotel Club Odyssey/Bakersfield
01/09 David Lindley Coach House/San Juan Capistrano (w/Toulouse
01/09 Hot Buttered Rum Fillmore/San Francisco
01/09 The Tommy Castro Band, Little Fox/Redwood City
01/10 April Verch San Dieguito United Meth. Church/Encinitas
01/10 Coco Montoya Moe's Alley/Santa Cruz
01/10 David Lindley briXton/Redondo Beach
01/10 Elliott Murphy Hotel Cafe/Los Angeles (w/Jann Klose)
01/10 George Winston Crossroads Christian Church/Corona
01/10 Jann Klose Hotel Cafe/Los Angeles (w/Elliott Murphy)
01/10 John McCutcheon Matilija Auditorium/Ojai 805/646-8907
01/10 Marcia Ball The Fillmore/San Francisco
(w/The funky Meters feat. Cyril Neville)
01/10 Peter Rowan Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
01/10 Sourdough Slim Opera House/Woodland 530/872-1187
01/10 The Tommy Castro Band, Blake's on Telegraph/Berkeley (w/Matthew
01/11 Elliott Murphy Mama Hilly Beans/Tehachapi (w/Jann Klose)
01/11 Fred Eaglesmith Thousand Oaks Library/Thousand Oaks
01/11 Jann Klose Mama Hilly Beans/Tehachapi (w/Elliott Murphy)
01/11 John McCutcheon Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
01/11 Peter Rowan Dr. Elliott A. Smart Perf. Arts Ctr/Angel's
Camp (3pm) 209/736-8340
01/11 Rebirth Brass Band, Roxy Thtr/W. Hollywood
01/12 John McCutcheon Sebastiani Thtr/Sonoma 707/996-9756
01/13 Elliott Murphy Acoustic Music San Diego/San Diego (w/Jann
01/13 Jann Klose Acoustic Music San Diego/San Diego
(w/Elliott Murphy)
01/14 April Verch Union Mine H.S./El Dorado 530/626-4625
01/14 Elliott Murphy The Blue Cafe/Long Beach (w/Jann Klose)
01/14 Jann Klose The Blue Cafe/Long Beach (w/Elliott Murphy)
01/14 Mavis Staples Mondavi Ctr, UC Davis/Davis
01/14 Wanda Jackson Don Quixote's/Felton (w/Red Meat)
01/15-18 Doug MacLeod NAMM Show/Anaheim
01/15 John McCutcheon Green Church/Fresno 559/431-3653
01/16-17 Hot Buttered Rum Caspar Inn/Caspar
01/16-17 John McCutcheon 1st Congr. Church/Santa Cruz 831/423-1626
01/16-18 Notorious Contra dance weekend/San Luis Obispo
01/16 April Verch Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
01/16 Elliott Murphy NAMM/Anaheim
01/16 George Winston Birch North Park Thtr/San Diego
01/16 Jill Sobule Great American Music Hall/San Francisco
(w/Loudon Wainwright) 415/885-0750
01/16 Los Fabulocos feat. Kid Ramos, NAMM Show/Anaheim
01/16 Loudon Wainwright III, Great American Music Hall/San Francisco
(w/Jill Sobule) 415/885-0750
01/16 Marcia Ball Belly Up/Solana Beach (w/Bill Watson & his
International Silver String Submarine Band)
01/16 Savoy Family Band Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
01/17-24 Marcia Ball Sandy Beaches Cruise/San Diego
01/17-24 Raul Malo Delbert McClinton Sandy Beaches Cruise/San
01/17 April Verch Warnors Ctr for Perf. Arts/Fresno
01/17 David Jacobs-Strain, Sengthong's Blue Sky Room/Dunsmuir
01/17 Houston Jones Downtown Community Ctr/Anaheim 949/646-1964
01/17 John Jorgenson Quintet, Smothers Thtr/Malibu
01/17 Los Fabulocos feat. Kid Ramos, The Doll Hut/Anaheim
01/17 Loudon Wainwright III, Humboldt State Univ./Arcata
01/18 Adrian Legg McCabe's/Santa Monica (w/Peppino D'Agostino)
01/18 Houston Jones Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena
01/18 John McCutcheon The Palms/Winters 530/795-1825
01/18 Pavlo ??/Oxnard
01/18 Peppino D'Agostino, McCabe's/Santa Monica (w/Adrian Legg)
01/18 Peter Himmelman Grand Annex/San Pedro 323/547-3482
01/19 John McCutcheon St. James Epis. Church/Fremont 510/797-1492
01/19 Pavlo ??/Bakersfield
01/19 Vicki Genfan Grace 1st Presby. Church/Long Beach (w/Steve
Lawson, Lobelia, Jim Bybee) 562/420-3393
01/20 John McCutcheon Modesto Church of the Brethren/Modesto
01/21 Pavlo ??/Rancho Santa Fe
01/22 Jim Malcolm Trinity Concert Series/San Digeo 858/689-2266
01/22 Pavlo ??/El Cajon
01/23 Dave Stamey Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena
01/23 Doug MacLeod McCabe's/Santa Monica 310/828-4497
01/23 Elvin Bishop Jackson Rancherita Casino/Jackson
01/23 Richie Havens Anthology/San Diego
01/24 Hidano Super Taiko, Grand Annex/San Pedro
01/24 Loudon Wainwright III, Acoustic Music San Diego/San Diego
01/24 Pavlo ??/Lompoc
01/24 Richie Havens Palmdale Playhouse/Palmdale
01/24 Tempest Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
01/25 Doug MacLeod McCabe's/Santa Monica (afternoon workshop)
01/25 Jim Malcolm Steinberg Gallery/San Luis Obispo
01/25 Paula Nelson Band Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
01/28 Charlie Musselwhite, State Thtr/Modesto
(w/Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout)
01/28 Jim Malcolm Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
01/29-31 Charlie Musselwhite, Yoshi's/Oakland (w/Mark Hummel's Blues
Harmonica Blowout)
01/29 Jim Malcolm Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
01/30 Hot Buttered Rum Moe's Alley/Santa Cruz
01/30 Jim Malcolm ??/Chico 530/342-1055
01/30 Terri Hendrix Russ & Julie's House Concert/Oak Park
01/31 David Jacobs-Strain, Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
01/31 Doug MacLeod Miramonte Winery/Temecula
01/31 Jim Malcolm ??/Lakeport 707/262-0525
01/31 Jonathan McEuen Thousand Oaks Library/Thousand Oaks
01/31 Terri Hendrix San Diego Folk Heritage/Encinitas
02/02 Charlie Musselwhite, Sierra Nevada Brewery/Chico
(w/Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout)
02/03 Jim Malcolm ??/Davis 530/753-3472
02/04 Charlie Musselwhite, Anthology/San Diego
(w/Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout)
02/05 Charlie Musselwhite, Canyon Club/Agoura Hills
(w/Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout)
02/05 Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Fox Thtr Gala/Oakland
02/06-7 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Independent/San Francisco
(w/Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue)
02/06-7 Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Independent/San Francisco
(w/Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
02/06 Charlie Musselwhite, Brixton/Redondo Beach
(w/Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout)
02/06 Laurence Juber Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
02/06 Master Musicians of Jajouka, UCLA Live/Los Angeles 310/825-2101
02/06 Vance Gilbert Crescent Elk Aud./Crescent City
02/07-8 Rahim AlHaj Getty Ctr/Los Angeles 310/440-7300
02/07 Aza Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
02/07 Charlie Musselwhite, Coach House/San Juan Capistrano
(w/Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout)
02/07 Corinne West Noble House Concert/Van Nuys
02/07 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
02/07 The Claire Lynch Band, 1st Presby. Church/Mountain View
02/07 The Duo Tones Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena
02/07 Tom Chapin Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos (w/Mason Williams, The
Brothers Four, Josh White Jr.) 562/467-8818
02/07 Trout Fishing in America, Montalvo Arts Ctr/Saratoga
02/07 Vance Gilbert Community Ctr Annex/Sebastopol
02/08 Kodo Walt Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles
02/14 Corinne West Canyonfolk House Concert/El Cajon
02/14 Lesley Gore James Armstrong Thtr/Torrance
02/17 Tracy Grammer Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
02/18 Renaissance Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
02/19-22 Richard Bona Yoshi's/Oakland
02/19 Carolina Chocolate Drops, Carlsbad Village Thtr/Carlsbad
02/21 Minyo Station Grand Annex/San Pedro
02/22 The Klezmatics Cal Poly Arts/San Luis Obispo 805/756-2787
02/23 Richard Bona Kuumbwa Jazz Ctr/Santa Cruz 831/426-7828
02/26 Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rio Thtr/Santa Cruz
02/26 Cherish the Ladies, Laxson Aud./Chico
02/27 Grada Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
02/27 Ruthie Foster Marin Ctr/San Rafael (w/Jorma Kaukonen &
Robben Ford)
02/27 The Afro-Cuban All Stars, Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
02/28 Blue Highway 1st Pres. Church/Mountain View 650/964-6115
02/28 Coco Montoya Arcadia Blues Club/Arcadia (w/Bobby Bluehouse)
02/28 Grada Caltech Folk Soc./Pasadena
02/28 Lunasa Caltech/Pasadena 626/395-4652
02/28 Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
02/28 Ruthie Foster Cascade Thtr/Redding (w/Jorma Kaukonen &
Robben Ford)
03/01 Blue Highway Spottswood Farm/Potter Valley
03/01 Lunasa Kuumbwa Jazz Ctr/Santa Cruz 831/426-7828
03/03 Allen Toussaint Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 800/300-4345
03/03 Henry Butler Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 800/300-4345
03/03 Ruthie Foster Humboldt State Univ./Arcata
03/04 Allen Toussaint UC Santa Barbara/Santa Barbara
03/04 Grada Bishop Arts/Bishop
03/04 Henry Butler UC Santa Barbara/Santa Barbara
03/04 Ruthie Foster Mondavi Ctr/Davis
03/05 The Klezmatics Royce Hall, UCLA/Los Angeles 310/825-2101
03/06 Allen Toussaint Birch North Park Thtr/San Diego
03/06 David Jacobs-Strain, Bernie's Guitar/Redding 530/223-2040
03/06 Grada Trinity Celtic Series/San Diego
03/06 Henry Butler Birch North Park Thtr/San Diego
03/06 Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet, Gallo Ctr for
03/07 Alasdair Fraser San Dieguito United Meth. Church/Encinitas
03/07 Grada SJC Library/San Juan Capistrano
03/07 Marcia Ball Winter Blues/Los Angeles
03/07 Nashville Bluegrass Band, El Camino College Ctr for
Arts/Torrance 310/660-3748
03/07 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
03/08 Dervish Santa Monica College/Santa Monica
03/08 The Tommy Castro Band, Newark School District Benefit/Fremont
(w/Ron Thompson)
03/10 Dervish Mondavi Ctr/Davis
03/11-12 Alasdair Fraser Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
03/11 Dervish Humboldt State Univ./Arcata 707/826-4411
03/12-13 Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Zellerbach Aud./Berkeley
03/13 Alasdair Fraser Rio Thtr/Santa Cruz 408/847-6982
03/13 Danu Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
03/13 Dervish California Polytechnic/San Luis Obispo
03/13 Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Stephen & Mary Birch North Park
Thtr/San Diego
03/13 Susan Werner Wells Fargo Ctr for Arts/Santa Rosa
03/14 Annie Moscow Coffee Gallery Backstage/Altadena
03/14 Deborah Henson-Conant, Spreckels Ctr for Perf. Arts/Rohnert Park
03/14 Susan Werner Freight & Salvage/Berkeley 510/548-1761
03/15 Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Stanford Univ./Stanford
03/15 Susan Werner McCabe's/Santa Monica 310/828-4497
03/16-17 Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Univ. of CA/Davis
03/17 Moving Hearts Royce Hall UCLA/Los Angeles
03/17 emma's revolution Don Quixote's/Felton 831/603-2294
03/18 Mariza Walt Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles
03/19 Blame Sally Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
03/19 Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Conga Room/Los Angeles
03/20-21 Angus & Julia Stone, The Fillmore/San Francisco
03/20 Allen Toussaint S.F. Jazz Fest./San Francisco
03/20 John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos (w/Dave
Mason) 562/467-8818
03/20 Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Plaza del Sol Performance
03/21 Cherish the Ladies, Civic Aud./Pasadena (w/Pasadena Symphony)
03/21 Etta James & the Roots Band, Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos (w/Joe
Bonamassa) 562/467-8818
03/21 Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Ctr for Perf. Arts/Lancaster
03/22 Andy Statman Sunday Afternoons at CBS/Modesto 209/575-2571
03/22 Angus & Julia Stone, Boardwalk/Sacramento
03/22 Cherish the Ladies, Clark Ctr for Perf. Arts/Arroyo Grande
03/24-25 Angus & Julia Stone, House of Blues/Los Angeles
03/26 Angelique Kidjo Bovard Aud./Los Angeles
03/26 Laurie Lewis Laxson Aud./Chico 530/898-6333
03/26 Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem, Laxson Aud./Chico 530/898-6333
03/27 Angus & Julia Stone, House of Blues/San Diego
03/27 Kathy Mattea University Thtr/Riverside
03/27 Laurie Lewis Napa Valley Opera House/Napa 707/226-7372
03/27 Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem, Napa Valley Opera House/Napa
03/28 Liz Carroll & John Doyle, Freight & Salvage/Berkeley
03/28 On Ensemble Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos (w/Kenny Endo)
03/29 Trout Fishing in America, Eugene & Elinor Friend Ctr for
Arts/San Francisco
03/31 Mitch Kashmar La Mirada Thtr for Perf. Arts/La Mirada
04/02 Bearfoot Wells Fargo Ctr for Arts/Santa Rosa
04/02 Bill Frisell Skirball Cultural Ctr/Los Angeles
04/03 Beppe Gambetta Livermore Valley Perf. Arts Ctr/Livermore
04/03 Bill Frisell S.F. Jazz Fest./San Francisco
04/03 Charlie Musselwhite, Last Day Saloon/Santa Rosa
04/03 Habib Koite & Bamada, Zellerbach Aud./Berkeley
04/03 Oregon with Ralph Towner, Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
04/04 Bearfoot Curtis Thtr/Brea
04/04 Beppe Gambetta Lake Tahoe Community College/S. Lake Tahoe
04/04 Bill Frisell Mondavi Ctr, UC Davis/Davis
04/04 Habib Koite & Bamada, Laxson Aud./Chico
04/04 Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider, UCLA Live/Los Angeles
04/04 Peppino D'Agostino, Sunnyvale Thtr/Sunnyvale
04/04 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
04/08 Katia & Marielle Labeque with Mayte Martin, UCLA Live/Los
Angeles 310/825-2101
04/09 Lila Downs UCLA Live/Los Angeles 310/825-2101
04/18 Le Vent du Nord Walt Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles
04/18 Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, UCLA Live/Los Angeles 310/825-2101
04/21 Peppino D'Agostino, Coalesce Bookstore/Morro Bay
04/22 Peppino D'Agostino, Castoro Cellars/Templeton
04/24 Alasdair Fraser Valley Ctr for Perf. Arts/Oakland
04/24 The Tommy Castro Band, The Mint/Los Angeles
04/25 Alasdair Fraser Sherwood Hall/Salinas 800/838-3006
04/25 The Campbell Brothers, Poppy Fest./Lancaster 661/723-5950
04/25 The Pine Leaf Boys, Poppy Fest./Lancaster 661/723-5950
04/25 The Pine Leaf Boys, Santa Monica College/Santa Monica
04/25 The Tommy Castro Band, Madera Community Hospital
04/26 Alasdair Fraser Lincoln Thtr/Napa 800/838-3006
04/26 David Wilcox Grace 1st Presby. Church/Long Beach
04/26 Jim Lauderdale Stagecoach/Indio
04/27 James Lee Stanley Don Quixote's/Felton (w/Corky Siegel)
05/02 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
05/03 Celtic Spring Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 800/300-4345
05/07 Sing Sing UCLA Live/Los Angeles 310/825-2101
05/08 Eric Bibb El Camino College/Torrance 310/329-5345
05/08 George Winston Napa Valley Opera House/Napa
05/09 The Tommy Castro Band, S.J. Metro Fountain Blues Fest./San Jose
05/13 Alison Brown Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos 562/467-8818
05/14 Eric Bibb Montalvo Ctr/Saratoga 408/961-5800
05/15 The Grascals Cerritos Ctr/Cerritos (w/Nitty
Gritty Dirt Band) 562/467-8818
05/15 Tom Rush Napa Valley Opera House/Napa
05/16 The Lovell Sisters Band, Santa Clarita Perf. Arts Ctr/Santa
Clarita 661/362-5304
05/16 Tom Rush College of the Canyons/Santa Clarita
05/17 The Lovell Sisters Band, Haugh Perf. Arts Ctr/Glendora
05/17 Tom Rush Citrus Community College/Glendora
06/06 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
06/13 John Jorgenson Quintet, Castoro Cellars/Templeton
06/18-19 The Claire Lynch Band, Nevada Co. Fairgrounds/Grass Valley
06/19-20 Goran Bregovic Wedding & Funeral Orchestra, UCLA Live/Los
Angeles 310/825-2101
06/27 The Tommy Castro Band, Rocklin Jubilee/Rocklin
06/28 Mavis Staples Kate Wolf Mem. Music Fest./Laytonville
08/01 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
08/22 Rick Lee Trinity Backstage Cfhs/Santa Barbara
09/05 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
09/10-13 Mike Seeger Berkeley Old-Time/Berkeley 510/848-5018
09/18-19 Grasstowne Bluegrassin' in the Foothills/Plymouth
10/03 Riley's Mountaineers, Rileys at Los Rios Rancho/Oak Glen
10/08 David Mallett Ojai Valley Woman's Club/Ojai 805/665-8852
10/10 David Mallett Cal Tech/Pasadena 626/395-4652
10/16 Bill Harley Cal Poly Univ./San Luis Obispo 805/756-2787
10/24 Bill Harley Amador Thtr/Pleasanton 925/931-3444

By Jeff Cottrell

The monochord consisted of a single string stretched over a sound box, with the strings held taut by pegs or weights on either end. It used a moveable bridge to change pitch, and was usually plucked. A later instrument of the same principle was played with a bow, called the "trumpet marine" (Adkins, New Grove). It was used as an instrument as early 300 BC by Euclid (Ripin, New Grove), and as a scientific instrument by Pythagoras as early as the 6th century BC No one knows when it first appeared, as its origins extend into prehistory.

The monochord's impact as a scientific instrument is possibly more profound than its musical importance. Pythagoras' study of ratios on the monochord led philosophers to believe that these ratios also governed the movement of planets and other cosmic matters (Ptolemy). This provided the bridge between the world of physical experience and numerical relationships, giving birth to mathematical physics. In addition, this elevated music to one of the highest intellectual pursuits. Furthermore, since the "perfection of sounds" could now be revealed by numbers, all simple numeric ratios could be visualized as sounds. Kepler's "harmony of the spheres" is based on this, as well as harmonically resounding architecture. If the visible proportions of a building can be expressed in numeric ratios, then their relationships can be "heard" as chords. Like the "golden section" of architecture, musical harmony "imposes order in the hearts and minds of men by virtue of their simple, natural relationships (Harnoncourt). This also helped support the baroque idea that music was a reflection of the divine order (unless you were a minstrel, perhaps).

The monochord was later used as a teaching tool in the 11th century by Guido of Arezzo (fl. ~991/2-1033). By laying out the notes of a scale on a monochord, he was able to teach choir boys how to sing chant and also to detect incorrect chanting. The tones intervals used in chants were M2, m2, m3, P4, and P5. These six intervals were the "consonantiae", and (according to Guido) no chant uses any other intervals. Guido admits one could find more on the monochord if "art (did not) restrain us by its authority" (Palisca).

Music theorists have used the monochord since the time of Pythagoras to dissect the fabric of music. After Guido, the most important European theorist was probably Marchetto of Padua (fl. 1305-19). He was a leading composer of his day, and taught choir boys as Guido did. With the support of his patronage, he published his Lucidarium (1317-18), which contributed to musical philosophy, semiotics, numerology, and mathematics. He then published the Pomerium (1318-19) which covered more technical matters such as tuning, modality, melodic analysis, etc (Gallo, Vecchi). The most unique aspect of his tuning was his proposal that each whole tone be divided into 5 parts to allow for better tuning of intervals. These innovations influenced music theorists for almost 300 years (Rahn).

After Marchetto came Gioseffo Zarlino, who proposed in his Institutione harmoniche, dividing the monochord into 6 parts, instead of the usual 4. Thus, for the first time, one was able to generate every consonant interval. He then extrapolated that there must be 6 species of voices (unisone, equisone, consone, emelle, dissone, and ecmele), as well as 6 consonances (diapason, diapente, diatessoran, ditino, semiditino, and unisono). He also then derives 6types of harmony, or modes (doria, frigia, mistalidia, o lochrense, eolia, and ionia).

Zarlino's work influenced music theory until Bach's time and beyond. In Bach's Clavier-Ubung, the 1st volume contains 6 partitas, which is just one of many mathematical references in Bach's music to the theoretical thought handed down by Zarlino. J.P. Kirnberger, who was a student of Bach's, explains scales, intervals, etc., according to Zarlino's principles in his Die kunst des reinen satzes in musik (1771-79). Even J.P. Rameau, in his Traite de l'harmonie (1772), based concepts upon the monochord.

Finally, the monochord probably provided the inspiration for the creation of the clavichord, which later led to the harpsichord and then the piano-forte. Early clavichords were really just several monochords of varying lengths built together (Ripin). To many keyboardists, this is seen as the monochord's most important contribution, but when comparing that to the impact it had on the sciences of mathematics and physics, one must concede that its reach has been far greater.


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I've been asked a group of times what is the difference between Fiddle and Violin. Basically, it's related to the music style you play and not to the instrument itself. Here you can find a good explanation though about the differences and stereotypes...

by Mario Goupil - La Tribune
(original link)

(SHERBROOKE) Trente années plus tard, la Soirée canadienne revivra le temps d'une veillée, le 20 décembre prochain, dans le petit village de La Guadeloupe, à l'entrée de la Beauce.

Les organisateurs profiteront de l'occasion pour rendre un hommage posthume à Louis Bilodeau, qui a animé l'émission «Soirée canadienne» pendant 23 ans sur les ondes de CHLT-TV. M. Bilodeau est décédé d'un cancer, à l'âge de 81 ans, le 27 novembre 2006 à la Maison Aube-Lumière de Sherbrooke.

Le 9 septembre 1978, le village de La Guadeloupe et celui de St-Évariste avaient été invités à s'unir pour prendre part à la populaire émission folklorique qui était enregistrée dans les studios de la station de télévision de Sherbrooke. Quinze années plus tôt, La Guadeloupe avait participé une première fois à l'émission de M. Bilodeau.

C'est l'organisateur de la délégation guadeloupienne en 1978, le barbier Mike Roy, qui a décidé d'organiser une Soirée canadienne, version 2008, qui se déroulera en l'église même de La Guadeloupe. En 1963, Mike Roy était aussi de la première participation de la Guadeloupe à la Soirée canadienne, mais en tant que «danseur à claquettes». Il n'avait alors que 13 ans.

«Presque tous les participants à l'émission de 1978, à l'exception de trois ou quatre qui ne sont plus là, ont confirmé qu'ils participeront à ces retrouvailles du 20 décembre», explique fièrement Mike Roy.

La musique de la première partie de cette soirée folklorique sera assumée par le violoniste bien connu Denis Côté, qui sera accompagné de ses musiciens. En seconde partie, ce sont les personnes qui ont chanté et dansé à la Soirée canadienne de 1978 qui seront invitées à prendre le plancher.

«On va demander aux gens de pousser les mêmes chansons qu'il y a 30 ans», d'avancer Mike Roy.

C'est la quatrième fois que ce dernier organise un spectacle dans l'église de La Guadeloupe. Le chanteur country Georges Hamel y a déjà attiré pas moins de 675 personnes. Le défunt Gilles Girard, vedette du groupe Les Classels, y a déjà fait salle comble également.

«Les billets disparaissent déjà comme des petits chauds», indique l'organisateur.

Les personnes désireuses de réserver leur place peuvent se procurer des billets, au coût de 15 $ chacun en pré-vente, à la Fabrique de l'église de La Guadeloupe (418-459-3485), au salon de barbier de Mike Roy (418-459-6607) ou au magasin général du village (418-459-3414).

«Nul doute que l'église sera remplie à craquer pour cette Soirée canadienne», de prédire l'organisateur.

Thanks, Jacques, for sharing! Bengal.

Old Songs and Fiddling Demystified collaborate on a new French Accent Camp
August 17-21, 2009 - Voorheesville, NY

Learn the syncopated swing and twisted tunes of Québécois and Franco fiddle and accordion traditions and learn to sing, dance and play with that Northern "Je ne sais quoi".

Sneak north of the border with Québecois musicians and teachers:

Pascal Gemme - (from Genticorum) fiddle, chansons/songs, podorhythmie, composition, arranging, seated clogging.
Yann Falquet - (from Genticorum) guitar, songs, rhythms, composition, arranging, harmony singing.
Marie-Soleil Pilette - stepdance, social dances, integrating Québec step/percussive dance into contemporary dance.

They are joined by New England's:

Jeremiah McLane - piano and accordion, French-Canadian, French Musette, Tangos, Cajun.
Franco-American fiddle composer Daniel Boucher - fiddle, composition, turning rhythms into tunes.
Donna Hébert - fiddle, music of Franco fiddler Louis Beaudoin, waltz clogs and galoppes.

This week offers evening jam sessions Monday-Thursday at the hall with staff members. Classes begin Monday morning at 9 am and camp ends Friday at 4 pm.

Camp is held at the Old Songs Community Center in the village of Voorheesville, NY, just west of Albany. Registration opens now. There are only places for 30 campers and this will fill up fast, so pass the word to sign up early! Tuition is $475.

Please get in touch with Donna Hébert if you have questions about the teaching program. You can find the 2009 brochure here (sample schedule, registration form)

Camp page online. Or contact them at oldsongs at oldsongs.org for inquires about space available, food and lodging. We have arranged for a group rate at a local hotel so we can stay and jam together. There are also campgrounds nearby.

See you all there!

Donna Hébert
Beaudoin Legacy
Fiddling demystified

This Sunday, Bergen County's Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club will present "A Celtic Christmas" with Seamus Kennedy at the Fair Lawn Community Center. This special holiday concert will be held on Sunday, December 14th at 2pm and will offer holiday selections that will entertain the entire family.

In his thirty years of professional performing, Seamus has taken his music from Alaska to Florida, Maryland to California and a host of stops in between, playing everything from the pubs to the concert halls. As a result, he is a master showman of exceptional musical skills and unmatched repartee.

Seamus has released eleven CDs of both contemporary and traditional material, including Christmas songs and a children's album. The Washington Area Music Association has awarded him a WAMMIE for "Best Irish/Celtic Male Vocalist" every year since 1993. His versatility makes him a headliner at Celtic festivals such as Hunter Mountain (NY); Celtic Classic (PA); Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival, (CO) and at Sacramento (CA) Highland Games. Seamus is often invited to perform for various organizations, including the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Fraternal Order of Police, Firemen, military groups and the Bar Association. There is always something for everybody.

Seamus' trademark is his ongoing interaction with his audiences. From the moment he steps on stage, he starts talking to them — and encourages them to talk back! He is quick with a quip and likes nothing better than to discover someone in the audience who is similarly inclined. Fast-paced humor is very much a part of what Seamus does, whether he's telling a series of rapid-fire jokes or launching into a lyrical parody.

In fact, Seamus seems to be having such a grand time and he makes it all look so effortless that it is easy not to notice what a superb musician he truly is. He will segue seamlessly from an Irish ballad about a dying town to a rollicking reel and then move into American music, equally at home with folk, pop, country or traditional. Accompanying himself on guitar or bodhran, his musicianship is much in evidence as he moves through such a vast range of styles. More information is available here.

The Fair Lawn Community Center is located at 10-10 20th Street in Fair Lawn, NJ. Tickets for this concert are only $25 ($22 for Hurdy Gurdy members) and $15 for children under 14. Group rates are available. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office at the Fair Lawn Community Center on the afternoon of the concert.

Additional information can be received at the website or by calling the Hurdy Gurdy Hotline at (201) 384-1325.

We hope that you will come and enjoy this festive season with all your friends at the Hurdy Gurdy. This special Sunday afternoon concert promises to be an event that celebrates Christmas as well as the joy of music! We hope to see you there!!!

Ron Olesko
President, the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club

Just a quick note to let you all know that Altan's new website is up and running (but still with some lose links and being updated).

From that site you can also reach Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh's new website, which isn't fully functional either. From that site you can order her new album, when it becomes available (Probably after the launch, December 28).

Other interesting links, through Altan's site, are:
Dáithí Sproule,
Tony McManus,
among others...

Upcoming Concerts - Altan:

26 December - McGrory's of Culdaff - Inishowen, Co. Donegal
1 & 2 January - Scoil Gheimhridh Frankie Kennedy - Gaoth Dobhair
8 January - The Barns At Wolftrap - Vienna, Virginia
9 January - Sanders Theatre - Cambridge, Massachusetts
11 January - Fairfield Theatre Company - Fairfield, Connecticut


Dec 10, 2008 - 11h20 PM

If you missed the comments in this entry, check out the following link. I decided to add this edit just in case someone doesn't go through the comments. A reader shared this one with us.


In August 2000, on the occasion of the launching of my website at mp3.com, I wrote:

"The last time that my guitar and I were on the stage was in June 1995. Since then, my songs remained on cassette and no one listened to them anymore. Now (August, 2000) this mp3 cryogenic capsule begins a trip through the unknown cyberspace looking for
planets musically inhabitable, worlds that can be similar to yours."

For the first time, my Bossa Nova could be heard from all places around the world, finally ending the many years of isolation that happened due to various factors, keeping my music confined within the borders of my country, Uruguay.

At that time the mp3 technology meant a stunning revolution in terms of transmission of audio through the Internet, and since that date many interesting things happened in my career.

But what I never imagined back in 2000 is that 8 years later, new technologies would allow me to present my Bossa Nova live and in real time through the Internet for all the world.

For this reason I inform you that next Saturday, December 13 at 02:00 GMT, I'll perform, for the first time online, my live show "Opus Bossa Nova", through this link.

I'll wait for you all to share with me this brand new adventure!

German Bense

Note: You can calculate the local time for the transmission of this show through this link... it will basically convert the GMT time into your local one.

Yesterday, I completely forgot that I had a program for the night... I was already relaxed in comfortable clothes at home, about to open a wine, when I remembered about Free Whiski performing at the Tippetary Inn Irish Pub in Dallas. I still had 2 h to go and in fact I arrived at the pub 5 min before they started!

It was my first time at the Tippetary. Nice place. It's a big pub with a sports bar in the back (?!?). It was crowded and in great majority the audience was older than the one I find at the Trinity Hall pub. Also, there were many men in ties - it seemed like they came from a wedding or from one of the wedding rehearsals... very curious. Many Irish descendants around too. The Tippetary is famous for their Sheppard's pie and it is actually delicious, and the service is very fast. A place to return in the future.

About Free Whiski... Rodger Harrison, Garren Bagely and Deanna Smith Scotland played a range of popular songs going from blues to rock ballads. Once in a while they would turn to their roots, and play an Irish tune with Deanna on the bodhran. I enjoyed listening to her. She sings the great majority of the tunes and has a powerful voice. I guess I was expecting more of the traditional Irish tunes though... some fiddles too! But it was fun. I didn't stay till the very end of the show because I was tired, but I enjoyed great part of it.

And yes, that's the name of the band and how they write it... :)

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Le Vent du Nord est une formation bien de son temps et vit un mois décembre très dense tant sur scène que dans les sphères médiatiques.

En salle:
13: Festivités du Solstice d'hiver, Maison de la culture Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu
19: Café-Bar Le Zaricot, St-Hyacinthe
30: La Veillée de l'avant Veille. Pour une 12e année consécutive, se tiendra cette formidable veillée de musique et de danse traditionnelle québécoises. Avec Le Vent du Nord, Genticorum ainsi que le câlleur Jean-François Berthiaume. Club Soda, Montréal.
Pré-vente de billets à tarif spécial jusqu'au 25 décembre.
31: First Night, Burlington (Vermont, É.-U.)

L'enregistrement devant public de l'émission Studio 12:
Le Vent du Nord vous invite à assister à l’enregistrement de cette émission dans le cadre de laquelle le groupe sera en vedette! Cet enregistrement aura lieu jeudi le 11 décembre 2008 de 16h à 17h30, à Radio-Canada, à Montréal. À cette occasion les membres du groupe seront accompagnés de Fred Fortin, Caracol et Nicolas Pellerin. Pour réserver des laissez-passer: Public Cible, 514-529-0402 ou http://www.publiccible.com/form.php

Plusieurs apparitions à la radio et à la télé:
L'émission Studio 12 sera diffusée à la télévision générale de Radio-Canada samedi le 13 décembre à 17h00, à la Première Chaîne (95,1) samedi le 13 décembre à 19h00 à Espace Musique (100,7) dimanche le 14 décembre à 16h30, à ARTV lundi le 15 décembre à 20h00 et sur le site Internet de Radio-Canada, en tout temps.

De plus, le groupe fera des apparitions à plusieurs émissions dont "Ça manque à ma culture" (Télé-Québec) vendredi le 12 décembre ainsi que "Deux filles le matin" (TVA) les 30 et 31 décembre.

Mesdames et Messieurs
La musique du Vent du Nord en spectacle: une idée lumineuse qui sèmera le bonheur dans les chaumières. On y entend le quatuor en compagnie des Jean-François Branchaud, Éric Beaudry, André Brunet, Pierre-Luc Dupuis, Martin Langlais, Simon Marion, Jeremiah McDade et Bernard Simard. Un album extraordinairement riche d'ambiance et de bons plaisirs. Pssst: une petite fête aura lieu pour célébrer la sortie de cet album et vous y êtes conviés. Mardi le 9 décembre, entre 19H et 21H à l'Interlude, Joliette.

Un aperçu pour 2009:
Quelques jours de repos pour le corps et l'esprit, puis, l'année 2009 repartira sur des chapeaux de roue. Le Vent préparera ses malles pour le Royaume-Uni où le quatuor représentera le Québec dans le cadre du "Scotland Showcase" (Glasgow, Écosse) ainsi qu'il y mènera une importante tournée en salles. Plus de détails dans le bulletin de janvier.

D'ici là, de très joyeuses fêtes à tous!


December 2008


As contemporary as can be, Le Vent du Nord is having a very intense month of December, both on stage and in the media.

On stage:
13: Maison de la culture Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu
19: Café-Bar Le Zaricot, St-Hyacinthe
30: La Veillée de l'avant Veille – the 12th edition of this fantastic party of traditional Québécois music and dance. Featuring: Le Vent du Nord, Genticorum and set-caller Jean-François Berthiaume. Club Soda, 1225 St-Laurent Street, Montréal. Tickets on pre-sale at a special price until December 25.
31: First Night, Burlington, Vermont(USA).

Studio 12 taping in front of a live studio audience:
Le Vent du Nord invites you to attend to the recording of the Studio 12 show devoted to the band. The show will be taped on Thursday, December 11, from 4 pm to 5:30 pm, at Radio-Canada, Montréal. The group will be joined by Fred Fortin, Caracol, and Nicolas Pellerin. Reserve your passes at: Public Cible, 514-529-0402 or http://www.publiccible.com/form.php

A bunch of radio & TV appearances in Québec:
The Studio 12 show will get its national network broadcast on Radio-Canada on Saturday, December 13 at à 5 pm; on the Première Chaîne radio (95,1) Saturday, December 13 at 7 pm; on Espace Musique radio (100,7) Sunday, December 14 at 4:30 pm; and at ARTV Monday, December 15 at 8 pm; plus, on Radio-Canada’s website 24/7.

The band will also be making appearances on several other Radio & TV shows, including "Ça manque à ma culture" (Télé-Québec) on Friday, December 12, and on "Deux filles le matin" (TVA) on December 30 & 31.

Mesdames et Messieurs,
Le Vent du Nord’s music captured live: a brilliant idea that will bring happiness to anyone’s abode. An album shock-full of ambience and good times. Pssst: There will be a release party and you’re invited! Tuesday, December 9, between 7 and 9 pm at L'Interlude, Joliette.

Coming up in 2009:
A few days of rest for the body and the soul… then 2009 kicks off!
Le Vent du Nord will be packing for the UK, where the quartet will be representing Quebec at the Scotland Showcase, followed by a major tour. Further details to come in the January newsletter.

Until then, have a great Holiday season!

The team

Bonjour à toutes et tous,

Comme les fêtes sont à nos portes, elle seraient incomplètes sans une veillée digne de porter ce nom. Et bien oui, pour une 12e édition, nous vous invitons chaleureusement à venir partager avec nous cette magnifique soirée de la Veillée de l'avant Veille qui se tiendra encore cette année au Club Soda le 30 décembre 2008 à 20:30h. Comme nous souhaitons ardamment que vous soyez des nôtres, nous vous offrons de vous procurer vos billets au coût de $25.00 plus les frais d'envoi, et ce jusqu'au 25 décembre 2008 sur ce lien ou tout simplement téléphoner chez Roues et Archets avant le 19 décembre au 450-583-5631 et réservez vos billets et ainsi éviter les frais de ticketpro. Par la suite vous n'aurez qu'à vous présenter au 552 Marie-Victorin à Verchères au plus tard le 22 décembre 17:00h, argent comptant ou chèque en main, pour les récupérer. Ceux-ci pourraient également vous être postés dès la réception de votre chèque avant le 19 décembre, plus des frais de $1.00 pour l'envoi ou si vous préférez, ils vous attendront à la porte le soir de l'évènement si le chèque nous est parvenu avant le 19 décembre. Après le 25 décembre, ils se vendront au coût de $30.00 sur ticketpro seulement. Nous souhaitons de tout coeur vous voir arriver joyeux et en très grand nombre pour célébrer avec nous le nouvel an. Au menu, Le Vent du Nord, Genticorum et Jean-François Berthiaume, danse à volonté et plaisir assuré.


Greetings to all,

Since the holidays are knocking on our doors, they would be incomplete without a "veillée" worthy of that name. Oh! Yes, for a 12th edition, we are warmly inviting you to come share with us this magnificent evening of "la Veillée de l'avant Veille" that will be presented again this year at Club Soda on December 30th at 8:30 PM. Since we wish for you to be there, we are offering you to obtain you tickets for $25.00 plus expedition fee here before December 25th, or you can reserve them by calling Roues et Archets before December 19th at 450-583-5631 and that way you will save on ticketpro's fee. After worth, you can present yourself at 552 Marie-Victorin in Verchères at the latest December 22nd, 5:00 PM with cash money of cheque, to pick them up. They could always be sent to you by mail upon receiving your cheque before December 19th and you will be charged $1.00 for postal service, or if you prefer, they could be waiting for you at the door, on the night of the event if we have received your payment before December 19th. After December 25th, tickets will be available at the cost of $30.00 on ticketpro only. We hope with all our hearts that plenty of you will be present to come celebrate with us the New Year. On the menu, Le Vent du Nord, Genticorum and Jean-François Berthiaume. All you can dance and assured delight.


Masquerading as 'mild mannered' celtic musicians, Rodger Harrison,
Garren Bagely and Deanna Smith Scotland live ordinary normal lives. But
every now and then they slip into a VW mini-bus, and become...(insert
dramatic music here)... FREE WHISKI. Playing the songs they grew up with
from bands like CSN&Y, The Eagles, Janis Joplin, as well as newer bands
like Hootie and the Blowfish, Free Whiski has been amazing audiences all
over North Texas with their hot guitars, powerful vocals, soaring
harmonies and feats of super human strength.

Hi Folks,

Just a short note to let you know that Free Whiski will be playing at
The Tipperary Inn in Dallas.

Deanna and the boys could really use all of their friends to come out
and make this a fabulous gig.

Free Whiski will be performing from 8pm to 1am

The Tipperary Inn

5815 Live Oak St
Dallas, TX 75214-7310
(214) 821-6500

The Tipperary Inn is nestled on the corner of Live Oak Street and

Skillman a couple of blocks away from the Lower Greenville Avenue area.

Saturday, Dec 06, Free Whiski, 8:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M.


Craig Scotland


les albums de: GERARD DELAHAYE (répertoire adultes et répertoire enfants), MELAINE FAVENNEC et LE TRIO EWEN DELAHAYE FAVENNEC sont désormais disponibles en téléchargement légal sur toutes les plates formes : iTunes, Fnac Musique, Virgin MegaStore, etc. Notamment celui qui vient de paraître: 1+1=3


Greetings to all!

Queen's Gambit is a Celtic music group that has been performing as a group since 2003. It's a product of that esoteric hotbed of Irish and Celtic music known as the Renaissance Festival, and has moved into the realm of performing music at Irish Festivals, pubs, private parties, and, of course, Irish music sessions. There are five of us now, with our "original" fiddler, DJ, having rejoined Bruce, Susi, Becky and
Nikki to bring the harmonies of twin fiddles and 5-part vocals to life.

Each year since its beginning in 2004 we've attended the O'Flaherty's Irish Music Retreat in Texas, where we've made the acquaintance of and attended classes taught by the likes of Mickey Dunne, Johnny Doyle, Daithi Sproule, Danny O'Flaherty, Tommy O'Sullivan, James Kelly, Pat Egan, Pat Broaders, and many, many other fine players and singers of Irish Music. From these fine people we've learned a deep respect for the songs and the tunes and for Music itself, and we've witnessed first-hand the magic that it can work.

We've just started recording our 6th CD, which is rumoured to be titled "Castle - Queen's Side". It's expected to be released in early April. It will contain the very first QG original work, written by whistleplayer Nikki, named "Brigid's Lament", as well as a song written by John Keegan Casey (of "Rising of the Moon" fame) that Danny
O'Flaherty put music to, and taught to us, named "Hills of Connemara". The album will have another song that was more recently written by a young lady in Florida, called "Vivat, The Dream", which shall be the first time, to our knowledge, that the song has been recorded.

Thanks to all that have helped us get where we are in music and in the world, and please drop by the website and check our latest antics :)

Queen's Gambit

Celtic Legends:

26th November - Centre D'animation, Montmorillon, France, Cancelled
21st-22nd February 2009 - Webb Center for the PA, Wickersburg, AZ, USA, 7.30pm
27th-28th February 2009 - Pechanga Entertainment Center, Temecula, CA, USA, 8pm
28th February 2009 - Pechanga Entertainment Center, Temecula, CA, USA, 2pm
3rd March 2009 - Jefferson PAC, Jefferson, WI, USA, 7pm
7th March 2009 - Mayo Center for the PA, Morristown, NJ, USA, 3pm & 8pm

Lord of the Dance:

3rd February 2009 - Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI, USA, 7.30pm
7th February 2009 - Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 8pm
8th February 2009 - La Crosse Center, Lacrosse, WI, USA, 7pm
18th February 2009 - Sangamon Auditorium, Springfield, IL, USA, 7.30pm
22nd April 2009 - Kravis Center for the PA, West Palm Beach, FL, USA, 8pm


13th-14th February 2009 - Times Union PAC, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 8pm
14th February 2009 - Times Union PAC, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 2pm
15th February 2009 - Times Union PAC, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 1.30pm
15th February 2009 - Times Union PAC, Jacksonville, FL, USA, 7pm
17th February 2009 - Knoxville Auditorium, Knoxville, TN, USA, 7.30pm
18th February 2009 - Knoxville Auditorium, Knoxville, TN, USA, 4pm
18th February 2009 - Knoxville Auditorium, Knoxville, TN, USA, 8pm
24th-26th March 2009 - Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA, USA, 7.30pm
27th-28th March 2009 - Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA, USA, 8pm
28th-29th March 2009 - Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA, USA, 2pm
29th March 2009 - Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA, USA, 7pm
14th-15th April 2009 - Morris PAC, South Bend, IN, USA, 7.30pm
15th April 2009 - Morris PAC, South Bend, IN, USA, 2pm
5th-7th May 2009 - Gallagher-Bluedorn PAC, Cedar Falls, IA, USA, 7.30pm

For complete schedule for these and other shows please visit our tour section here.


Every Wednesday Evening, 7:30 - 10:30 PM, Durham, New Hampshire.
For more information, check this link.

Thanks, Benoit Shoja!


Quebecois traditional music group Genticorum will also be performing in concert at One Longfellow Square (Portland, ME) on 18.Jan.2009 and at Barbe's (Brooklyn, NYC) on 11.Jan.2009.

1/11 Barbe's, Brooklyn, NYC
1/16 Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
1/17 Blackstone River Theatre, Cumberland, RI
1/18 One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME


Session Hiver 2009

Oyez Oyez! La période d'inscription pour les cours de la session Hiver 2009 est maintenant ouverte! Les cours débutent la semaine du 19 janvier 2009 et sont donnés au 911, rue Jean-Talon Est bur. #010. Vous pouvez vous inscrire par retour de courriel, par téléphone ou par la poste, en nous laissant vos coordonnées complètes et en spécifiant bien quel(s) cours vous voulez suivre.

Un dépliant détaillé est disponible à nos bureaux et lors de nos activités (Veillées du Plateau, Virée dans Villeray). Nous vous invitons à le prendre et à le distribuer autour de vous. Vous pouvez aussi le télécharger: ici.

Nouveau cours de violon, niveau Élémentaire,
donné par Pascal Gemme, le mercredi à 19h00.

Le niveau *élémentaire* est destiné à ceux qui ont une base avec l'instrument et qui veulent élargir leur connaissance des formes, styles et techniques propres à l'apprentissage de la musique traditionnelle. Ce cours, offert sous forme de transmission orale (apprentissage à l'oreille), servira à développer le répertoire d'airs traditionnels des joueurs débutants tout en leur donnant la vitesse d'apprentissage nécessaire pour le cours intermédiaire. À travers ce répertoire, les élèves entreront en contact avec les divers genres et styles des différentes régions du Québec. Ce cours est aussi idéal pour les personnes qui possèdent une bonne base en
classique et veulent commencer leur apprentissage à l'oreille. L'utilisation d'un appareil d'enregistrement est fortement conseillée.

Voici quelques *appréciations* des personnes inscrites à la session d'automne:

- "C'est toujours un plaisir de venir suer toutes les semaines au rythme des rigodons!"; "J'ai maintenant une meilleure connaissance de notre tradition, notre folklore". (cours de gigue)

- "Je suis maintenant plus à l'aise pour danser dans les veillées". (cours de valse)

- "J'ai du plaisir enfin à jouer de la musique". (accordéon)

Passez le mot!

Carmen Guérard

Espace Trad
911, rue Jean-Talon Est local 010
Montréal QC H2R 1V5 (514)273-0880