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As I promised to bring you all two interviews this weekend, here is the second one... This time with Uruguayan artist German Bense that is sharing here a bit of his career story in Bossa Nova. Singing a music style more famous for its Brazilian contributors, German learned from the best, and played and sang with the best in Uruguay and Brazil.

German is always involved in many projects and never stops composing. It can happen in any place at any time, and he is always ready for his inspiration. Besides playing and singing, German also composes in many languages. Love and the many aspects of the woman nature are always main subjects of his compositions as it is always in all Bossa Nova...

Owner of a soft voice and lots of talent, German also has his compositions recorded by other artists. Recently it was Venezuelan artist Indira Briceño that recorded the song Barco sin Puerto which is becoming a new hit.

Since Bossa is one of the main musical styles in Brazil, it was a great opportunity for me to discuss a bit about its views in other countries. German knows a lot not only about music but the history behind it. For me, it was a great delight to interview him. I hope you also enjoy it as much as I did.

Bengal: Hi, German, thanks for taking the time to share a bit of your story with us today. Can you tell us how everything started?

German Bense: Thank you, Bengal! The beginning.. my family doesn't have tradition in music. Although my mother used to play the guitar as an amateur and my father the piano, the profession of musician was never welcome at home.. Many problems arised when I decided to become a professional musician. My definite relation with music begins when I started my lessons with the conductor Juan Lamas, and he is the one that taught me the jazz and bossa nova.

Bengal: Which instruments you play?

German: My instrument is the guitar but for many years I worked playing the electric bass. Besides these two, I studied piano but never acquired the necessary technique to play it professionally. Yet, the piano is a very important instrument for me. It is a wonderful tool specially when I prepare musical arrangements.

Bengal: You have many poetic compositions, when did you start to write? Do you have a formal training in music?

German: I started to write with my guitar when I was 20. At the age of 13, I started to study the piano at the Kölischer Conservatorium directed by the great Uruguayan concertist Luis Batlle Ibañez (brother of Jorge Batlle, former president of Uruguay). For a 13-year-old rebel kid, the rigid discipline of the conservatorium was too much and I stayed there for only 2 years. However, during these 2 years I discovered the instrument and learned a lot of theory.

Bengal: Why Bossa Nova? This is a very Brazilian style, so how come a Uruguayan artist ends up writing, playing and singing Bossa Nova?

German: My teacher of guitar and harmony, Juan Lamas, was the responsible for teaching me bossa nova. Qhen I started the lessons with him, Lamas was the biggest reference of Bossa Nova in Uruguay. He was friends of Vinicius de Moraes, Dick Farney, Leny Andrade, among others. In fact, he would go on tour with Vinicius de Moraes every time Vinicius would visit Rio de la Plata. And besides, Juan Lamas was one of the first South American musicians that played bossa nova in Europe, almost at the same time Sergio Mendes arrived in the 'old continent'. Juan Lamas wasn't a composer but saw in me the conditions for a composer, and he was the one encouraging me to write. Unfortunately, I wasn't writing much in the beginning of my career and the conductor passed away without knowing much of the work he inspired so much.

Bengal:: Part of your work is in Portuguese that isn't your native language. How many languages do you speak? Do you compose in all of them?

German: My main language is the Spanish, but I also speak Portuguese and English. I studied the Italian and the French at school but I forgot great part of them (specially French). I started composing in Spanish, but after the year 2000 - and I don't know the reason for that - I started to write the songs in English, and then in 2002, in Portuguese.

Bengal: You write and sing beautiful poems about love and about women. Are these your inspirations? How is the process of composing for you, do you follow a specific technique?

German: I think since the beginning, love and women are an indivisible part of bossa nova, and I'm not the exception, although I discuss other themes in my songs that might not be related to these topics, Herois Rabo de Palha, Our silent world. My process of composing usually starts with the melody. I always have with me an old tape recorder. When the muse comes, I mean, when the melody appears in my voice and guitar, I record. Sometime later I listen to all these precarious recordings and that's when the lyrics show up and the songs born. I can add lyrics sometimes to a music I recorded 2 or 3 years ago. Sometimes, I can write the full song within few hours, but that's not the usual. And besides, I have many melodies composed to the lyrics of other musical partners. I really enjoy to add music to lyrics that are not mine, it's a different challenge.

Bengal: How is the combo Uruguay and Bossa Nova? How is the reception of the Brazilian music in Uruguay?

German: Since the end of the 60's in Uruguay, a new musical wave heavily influenced by bossa nova and MPB [Brazilian Popular Music] was born. The responsible for this wonderful fusion between bossa and the candombe [Afro-Uruguayan music] was the great Uruguayan composer Eduardo Mateo. Since I started to compose till the beginning of the 90's I was part of this wave. The only difference to the majority of my Uruguayan colleagues is that I've discovered Bossa Nova before meeting Mateo's body of work. As I said, I've met MPB through my master Juan Lamas. Thus, the influence of bossa in my music comes directly from the sources. Of course, I appreciate Mateo's work and learned a lot from it, but my background, specially from the harmony point of view comes directly from bossa nova. For you to have an idea of the influence of bossa nova in the Uruguayan music, I'll tell you a tale. Sometime ago, I was looking for some of my old arrangements that I recorded on tape. I was listening to the songs when I found a treasure. It was Jorge Drexler and I singing with two guitars to a potpurri of bossa in a home recording session, preparing some of the shows we did together in the beginning of the 90's. He starts singing Morena Boca de Ouro with a wonderful beat of bossa and a perfect pronounciation of Portuguese, then I sing Vivo Sonhando and finaly we sing together Jacinta, a nice samba by Eduardo Mateo.

Bengal: And how is the market for a Uruguayan artist singing Bossa in Uruguay and in Brazil? Nowaways, do you think the market for Bossa Nova is more opened or not?

German: In Uruguay, the market for Bossa Nova is definately non-existent. Decades ago in my country, Bossa Nova was listented to and highly appreciated, but this tradition is lost. While in Brazil, things are not so easy for the Bossa Nova artists, but I just can talk about it based on the references some of my Brazilian colleagues said. Curious enough, Bossa Nova nowadays has a great audience in Europe, maybe much bigger than in the majority of South American countries.

Bengal: You have performed many times in Argentina, though. How is the reception there?

German: Argentina, together with Chile, are the countries where Bossa Nova is more appreciated in the continent. Although, having my music online since the year 2000, it was just a matter of time to be contacted to play out there. And that's how it happened. In the end of 2005, I was invited to be part of this Yahoo! discussion group Bossanovaenargentina [in Spanish]. Rosana Teladi, the founder and moderator of the group is also the organizer of the Encontros de Bossa Nova em Argentina, annual event in Buenos Aires that started back in 2005. And in April 2006 was the first time I played in Argentina. Since then, I keep playing and continue to be linked to the bossa nova movement in Argentina, much more linked there than to the musical movements in my own country.

Bengal: Which are your influences, German? You played with many known names of Bossa Nova. How these partnerships start?

German: Tom Jobim, João Gilberto and Chico Buarque are my main musical references. About my partnerships, I already mentioned Drexler, and.... the thing is that I played with many of these known names when nobody was known actually... [laughing]

Bengal: Which was the most significant moment of your career so far?

German: I have many significant moments and it would be difficult to highlight one, but I think the most important moment of my career didn't pass yet, and I think it will be when I finally can play for the first time my Bossa Nova in Brazil.

Bengal: Tells us about the albums you participated and the works you have. Which is the difference from your last work, Love song in vain, to the others?

German: I participated as a guitar and bass player in many works with Uruguayan musicians, and it was sometime ago. I have 5 published albums - Después de todo and Quimera are Uruguayan Popular Music (1989-1990), Opus bossa nova (2001), Deafinados como eu (2002) and Love song in vain (2005). The biggest difference of my lastest work to the previous ones is the more jazzistic style in relation to the arrangements and the interpretation of the songs.

Bengal: I think it's very interesting that you publish the parts of your music online. How is the reception it has?

German: I think that to publish the parts, and everything related to the songs, is very important in the projection of an artist, specially in the case of the independent artist as myself. The internet allows today many ways to reach not only the general public, but also other artists, and I think everyone should use this technology as a very positive tool. The reception of my audience is very good indeed. Remember that many of the "famous" artists are selling their songbooks - I offer mine as a gift... ;)

Bengal: You mentioned the Bossa Nova artists singing in Europe. Do you know Aline de Lima's work?

German: Yes! Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet her in person, but I know her through MySpace. It would be nice to have her on tour in South America, and even nicer if one day she could sing one of my songs.

Bengal: Thanks for this interview, German. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Anything else you want to share with us?

German:: I always thank Brazil and its musicians for the fact they created Bossa Nova. This year in Brazil, Bossa Nova is celebrating its 50 years of life as it is. It would be really nice if we could do all that is possible, specially here in South America, to revive the style, and show the beauty and the poetry of this music to the new generations of the world. It would be nice that the events celebrating the 50 years would be organized in a way to bring together the Bossa Nova artists of all latitudes to create a new releasing platform so this music can continue conquering the hearts of many people for more 50, 100, 200 years more!

For more information on German Bense, check the links below:

German Bense's Official Website
German Bense's MySpace
German's music in the voice of Indira Briceño

Hello, everyone!

I'm finally bringing you one of the most exciting interviews I did recently. This time it's with Brazilian artist Aline de Lima, that recently released her second album Açaí. It's a great work I've been enjoying since last April and it was produced by her and the japanese soundartist Jun Miyake.

Aline de LIma with her soft voice, great rhythm and poetic lyrics, exhibit her talent through out Europe having many shows sold out. Although in Brazil the audience is still knew to her work, she is known to the Bossa community for a while. Last February, she performed in the Festival Montréal en Lumière in Quebec showing some of her new tunes.

The starting point in music for her was during her first trips to Europe and since then never she stopped. Although living in Europe for years and having Paris as her latest home, she carries her Brazilian origins in her heart and her music bringing new rhythms and influences to the international market.

During a quick break in her agenda, we had the opportunity to talk about her career and her new work...

Bengal: Thanks, Aline, for taking the time for this interview. We all at Bengal's Corner appreciate it. How are you today?

Aline de Lima: Thank you too for your interest. Today I’m fine, with some nice projects for my new album.

Bengal: Can you tell us a bit about your story, how did you go from Brazil to France?

Aline: In fact, I’m from the North of Brazil. When I was 18 years old, I had a proposition to go to Europe to learn graphics design in Stockholm. There, I met some people who made me sing in three different bands: Brazilian music, reggae and techno electronic music. But I left all of this to visit Paris and then I met jazz musicians there and I started ask myself why I was meeting a lot of musicians. I decided to stay in Paris and learn music with these guys, playing a lot of Brazilian standards, specially Bossa Nova, and in a later moment, my own compositions. And they liked my songs a lot. So, it was the very beginning of my musical story. I’ve been learning music with musicians and by myself, listening to a lot of CDs, reading a lot of music and artists, playing guitar and singing different kind of music.

Bengal: Great part of your work is Brazilian jazz, Bossa Nova and samba. How is the reception of the Brazilian music in France? And for that matter, other places around the planet, since you had the opportunity to perform practically everywhere.

Aline: Brazilian people are open, they are crazy about music, and when they listen to me they are very surprised and very positive about my career. They say, as French people say, I’ll be a big artist. I like these encouragements because I’ve just started my career, I’ve a lot of things to learn, to try, to see, I take some time because this career is a life project, it’s a very big and important thing for me.

Bengal: You sing in your native language, Portuguese. Is there a language barrier that you notice in Europe or other continents? Differences among audience reactions?

Aline: I think the language is just a support where you put your music and feelings. I like to scat in my way, and saying things without significations, just notes to make the audience sing and feel free to feel the Brazilian beat and good vibes. Often I try to explain the lyrics, but it is not so easy in poetry. But the reactions are good, open, positive.

Bengal: You lived in different places around the world. Which was the most exotic place you’ve been? And the most remarkable moment for you as a singer?

Aline: The most “exotic” for me was Stockholm. This place is the opposite of my reality in the north of Brazil. And my most remarkable moment as a sing, I think that it’ll be when I sing in Brazil. It’s my dream to sing in Brazil, for my family, friends…

Bengal: Although you are not singing in Brazil, you are in contact and worked with many Brazilian musicians. Is there someone you consider an idol, that was a great incentive for you to pursue music?

Aline: My idols are João Gilberto and Elis Regina.

Bengal: How your business partnership started with Vinícius Cantuária that generated this beautiful debut album that is Arrebol?

Aline: I started in 2004, we met in April of that year.

Bengal: You like to mix Brazilian styles. Which other artists you have interacted with in the past or at the present moment?

Aline: Vinícius Cantuária, and recently with the Japanese musician and arranger, Jun Miyake, with who I co-produced my second album.

Bengal: Did you expect the reception this work had? All the success and crowded agenda of shows, the tours, etc?

Aline: Yes, I expected it because we worked a lot to it. But nothing is won, I manager my career and it’s very hard at the moment to make concerts in France, for example. People here know my work, they like it, but the agents are very scared about the economic crisis in the Culture and they don’t want to take risks. My music here is a kind of luxury…

Bengal: And you just released your second album. What can you tell us about this new work? How can you compare both?

Aline: This new album was a way for me to learn new things about production, management, and of course, music. I composed - music and lyrics - 10 songs and arranged some of them, I worked a lot with my musicians and Jun Miyake, the co-producer, but also with the art director of my label, Naïve. For the first album, I just composed the songs and spent my time learning, observing how to make and produce an album. I learnt a lot with Vinícius Cantuária at the Sunshine Box studio, in New York. And with Jun Miyake too, in Paris.

Bengal: Are you working with the same team from the first album?

Aline: No, no. On this second album we can hear my own band and my co-production, and I’m very proud of it.

Bengal: Do you go back to Brazil many times during the year? Can we have any expectations of a tour in Brazil, South America or the United States?

Aline: It would be a dream to play in Brazil, to confront my songs to Portuguese speakers. I would like to go everywhere, and I work for that, being more and more open to all kind of cultures and music. I think that Brazilian music can earn a lot with the World Music, especially African music. Because we have already the jazz, rock and electronic music influences actually.

Bengal: What is your opinion on the Brazilian music nowadays, the music industry/business in Brazil?

Aline: About the industry/business, I haven’t got any for a while. But it’s a music that is always getting new, because Brazilian people have this power of filtering influences and transforming it in a new style, as they made with the Bossa Nova. This music is a cocktail of great music (jazz, choro, baião, boleros, samba…). I think we have to continue this, using the globalization to be more and more open for new horizons, new cultures and (good) influences. The Internet is a powerful way for that.

Bengal: Some say it's easier for a Brazilian artist to 'make it' in the international market - especially Europe - than in Brazil. And apparently this is an old say. Do you agree with that?

Aline: "Easy" maybe it’s not a good word. But in Europe there are places for many artists, from everywhere. People here are curious about other cultures, they go to a concert of Brazilian music or African music “to travel”, it’s an exotic thing for then, a way to discover the world without taking a plane. In Brazil it’s more difficult because it’s a big country and we’re very concentrated in ourselves. But also, we have artist like Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, João Gilberto, Milton Nascimento, Tim Maia, Caetano Veloso, etc., that put something new in Brazilian Music - classic jazz, Bossa Nova, jazz fusion, soul and funk music, rock. They take a lot of place, they are bigger than anybody, and they started their careers in a moment that Brazilian Music was “virgin” of all foreign influences. Now, we are very influenced by electro music, but that’s all. Maybe one day, Brazilian music industry will be curious about new things, new styles, new artists, so maybe this country will be the biggest music industry in the world. But for a while, they need to know which Brazilian artists have a great success in Europe to accept them in their own country.

Bengal: Aline, we are very excited about your new work. Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Aline: Be curious, don’t be a “standard”, be yourself.

Bengal: Thanks, Aline, for your time!

Aline: Thank you for your interest!

Everyone that wants more information on Aline de Lima, check the following links:

Aline de Lima MySpace
Naïve label
More information on the new album Açaí (in French and English)

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Joliette (Québec) – 2008 – Le Festival Mémoire et Racines a mis la table pour une 14e édition époustouflante avec une programmation à couper le souffle. Jamais dans l’histoire du festival la programmation n’aura été aussi rehaussée. De Natalie MacMaster à Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys en passant par Le Vent du Nord et ses invités, le Festival Mémoire et Racines propose ainsi un trio d’enfer de calibre international.

La 14e édition du festival ne sera rien de moins qu’une véritable rencontre multiculturelle. Aux formations provenant du Québec, de l’Alberta et de la Nouvelle-Écosse vient s’ajouter une saveur internationale avec des artistes issus des quatre coins de la planète comme la Norvège, la Suède, l’Argentine, les États-Unis, le Mexique et la Bulgarie! Fidèle à ses habitudes, le festival fait une place de choix aux artistes québécois et de la relève et poursuit sa tradition de présenter des ateliers acoustiques dans la journée et des soirées de danse traditionnelle vers les 21 h. Fait à noter cette année, le festival organise pour le samedi soir un Fais-Dodo, un événement typiquement cajun qui saura assurément plaire aux petits et grands.

Avec comme porte-parole Michel Bordeleau (Les Charbonniers de l’enfer), le Festival Mémoire et Racines présentera du 23 au 27 juillet 2008 au centre-ville de Joliette et au parc Saint-Jean-Bosco de Saint-Charles-Borromée dans la région de Lanaudière plus de 125 artistes, 58 spectacles différents et 82 représentations. Pour de plus amples détails sur la programmation du festival, ses tarifs et les services offerts, visitez le www.memoireracines.qc.ca

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Les liens qui nous unissent à la ville de Québec seront vieux de 400 ans en 2008. À l’occasion de ce 400e anniversaire, des manifestations seront organisées un peu partout dans le monde, et évidemment en France. La ville de Dinan ne pouvait rater cette célébration !

Un festival musical franco-québécois verra donc le jour au mois d’août 2008 dans la ville de Dinan. Pourquoi cette ville? Samuel de Champlain, fondateur de Québec, a vécu dans la région. Mais surtout parce qu’aujourd’hui encore des liens très forts unissent les deux villes, en témoigne l’existence de l’association Dinan-Québec.

Pendant trois jours en août se succéderont donc animations gratuites les après-midi (représentation de groupes locaux et québécois, conteurs…) et concerts payants le soir dans le cadre exceptionnel des fossés du château. Des têtes d’affiches (à la fois québécoises et françaises) seront bien évidemment conviées, mais également des groupes au potentiel très prometteur.

À l’initiative des associations Lezarder et Dinan-Québec, ce festival franco-québécois de Dinan a pour but de promouvoir la culture et la musique française et québécoise. Nous souhaitons qu’il participe au développement des échanges entre les artistes, qu’il crée une interaction avec le public (pour faire tomber les préjugés : non, les Québécois n’écoutent pas tous Céline Dion du fin fond de leur cabane dans les bois en mangeant du sirop d’érable et du ragoût de caribou…), et qu’il favorise l’économie locale.

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Dear all:

First of all, thanks for your support in keeping this blog in the air. These past few months I've been establishing myself in a new town and a new job. Things have been chaotic but finally I'm settling down and I'll be able to reorganize my hectic timetable. During this time, despite all the unpredictable agenda, I had the opportunity to talk to two very talented artists: the Brazilian Aline de Lima and the Uruguayan German Bense. Both releasing exciting new works and with lots to share.

This weekend, I'll be uploading their interviews and I hope you all will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed!

Have a great musical weekend ahead!


Montreal, Thursday, June 26, 2008 [Press Release] - Singer and Brazil’s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil will today be honoured by the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal with the awarding of the Antonio Carlos Jobim Award. The prize will be presented to him by Laurent Saulnier, vice-president of programming of the Festival, at a press conference which will be held this afternoon at 1 p.m. in the Salon Mont-Royal of the Hyatt Regency Montréal.

Gilberto Gil is the 5th laureate of the Antonio Carlos Jobim Award. Created in 2004 on the 25th anniversary of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, each year the award is given to an artist distinguished in the field of world music whose influence on the evolution of jazz and cultural crossover is widely recognized.

A national hero to Brazil and the country’s current Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil has led a brilliant career for over four decades, redefining Brazilian popular music and becoming its global ambassador, leaving a lasting impression on millions of fans-and some very influential artists including Paul Simon and David Byrne. With over 30 albums and 5 million in sales to his credit, Gil remains a man of conviction and a gifted singer-guitarist, weaving rhythms as complex as they are deeply seductive. Gilberto Gil as part of the Grands concerts TD Canada Trust séries, Thursday June 26, 9:30 p.m., Théâtre Maisonneuve, PdA.

As the winner of the Antonio Carlos Jobim Award, Gilberto Gill follows in the footsteps of Angélique Kidjo (2007), Salif Keita (2006), Khaled (2005) and Ibrahim Ferrer (2004).

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Thanks for putting them all together, Benoit! (Pelletier Shoja)

6/27-8/02 Aston Magna Festival @ Great Barrington, MA (www.astonmagna.org)
6/27-7/08 250th anniversary of Carillon @ Fort Ticonderoga, NY (www.fort-ticonderoga250th.org)
6/27-29 Old Songs Festival @ Fairgrounds, Altamont, NY (www.oldsongs.org/festival)
6/27-29 Le Vent du Nord @ Old Songs Festival, Altamont, NY (www.oldsongs.org)
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6/27-7/03 Une Vieille Maitresse (The Last Mistress) @ IFCC, NYC, NY (www.ifccenter.com)
6/27 Chauvel & Sole-Leris @ 7 pm, Wareham, MA (www.myspace.com/cranberrycoastconcerts)
6/27 ACA: Soiree de danse avec Johnny Morin @ 7 pm, Centralville Social Club, Lowell, MA
6/27 Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royale @ 7:30 pm, Boston, MA (www.youthpromusica.org)
6/27 Film: Voyages @ 7:30 pm, Bartos Theatre, MIT, Cambridge, MA (www.mit.edu)
6/27 Famille LeBlanc @ 8 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/27 Madeline Peyroux @ Bardavon Opera House, Poughkeepsie, NY (www.madelinepeyroux.com)
6/27 Vieux Farka Toure @ 7:30 pm, Waterplace Park, Providence, RI (www.vieuxfarkatoure.com)
6/28-7/08 Festival int'l de jazz de Montreal @ Montreal, QC (www.montrealjazzfestival.com)
6/28-29 Festival des Rameurs @ Petit Roches, NB (www.festivaldesrameurs.com)
6/28 Magnolia party @ 4 pm, chez Moniz, Westport, MA (www.magnoliacajunband.homestead.com)
6/28 Chauvel & Sole-Leris @ 7 pm, Wareham, MA (www.myspace.com/cranberrycoastconcerts)
6/28 Erica Brown @ Festival acadien, Madawaska, ME (www.ericabrownonline.com)
6/28 Chantal & Marcel @ 2 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/28 Pierre et Lionel @ 4 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/28 C'est Si Bon @ 7:30 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/28 Illusion @ 8 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/28 Pierre et Lionel @ 9 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
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6/28 Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royale @ 7 pm, FASRI, Providence, RI (www.fasri.org)
6/29 Chantal & Marcel @ 1 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/29 Famille LeBlanc @ 6 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/29 Pierre et Lionel @ 7 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/29 C'est Si Bon @ 8 pm, Festival la Kermesse, Biddeford, ME (www.lakermessefestival.com)
6/29 Journee du livre et de la lecture @ CGM, Brooklyn, NYC, NY (www.cgalileemontagne.com)
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6/30-8/29 L'Ete en Francais @ French Library, Boston, MA
6/30-7/13 AATF: French in Montreal @ Universite de Montreal, Montreal, QC (www.cerium.ca)
6/30 Film: Le Scaphandre et le Papillon @ 7 pm, Brookline, MA (www.french.meetup.com/598)
6/30 Messiaen: Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum @ Lenox, MA (www.tanglewood.org)
6/30 Tournees Festival: applications due for autumn @ FACE, NYC, NY (www.facecouncil.org)
6/30 Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royale @ 1:30 pm, St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, NY

The Festival Joie de Vivre will take place at the Chassel Heritage Center in Chassell, MI, next August 28-31. Featuring performances and workshops by De Temps Antan members Éric Beaudry, André Brunet and Pierre-Luc Dupuis. Check it out!

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More information can be found at this link, or you can download the PDF brochure and registration form through this link.

If you are looking for something unique for this weekend in Quebec, experience the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Some of the best artists from many different cultures will be part of the festival to make this one of the most entertaining event in the world. As I said, a unique experience...


The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal unveils another star-studded line-up from June 26 to July 6, 2008

Montréal, June, 2008 – This year once again, Montréal will be moving to the sounds of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, summer’s musical powerhouse, from June 26 to July 6. Hundreds of thousands of music fans from around the globe will be meeting up in the city centre to enjoy a program that features the great legends and rising stars of jazz as well as blues, bossa nova, hip hop and world music.

“Tourisme Montréal is immensely proud to support the 29th edition of the Jazz Fest, a musical extravaganza that just keeps getting better with age,” says Charles Lapointe, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “Over the years, the word “jazz” has become synonymous with our city, and visitors think of Montréal as an exciting and unique urban getaway. They love how our downtown transforms into a meeting place par excellence for celebrating music; in fact of the 2.5 million festivalgoers who attend this major event, 34%, are tourists and day trippers. Year after year, Montréal’s safe and festive character keeps drawing them back to the Festival, which generates major economic spin-offs for our entire tourism industry,” adds Lapointe.

True to its reputation for drawing many of the biggest names in the business to Montréal’s stages, the 2008 edition of the Jazz Fest, dedicated to late jazz legend Oscar Peterson, will welcome Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band, native Montrealer Leonard Cohen, Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, Steely Dan, Dee Dee Bridgewater and many more stars of the musical firmament. While most of the shows of the 11-day program will take place in the Quartier des spectacles, the event will be expanding with brand-new venues and exciting new concert series in the city’s other vibrant neighbourhoods.

More than 3,000 artists from 30 countries around the globe will be taking part in this highly-anticipated Montréal fest, whose program features more than 700 concerts, including 375 free outdoor performances. The millions of festivalgoers who will be in Montréal soaking up the sounds of jazz and the one-of-kind-vibe downtown are proof that this city has earned its reputation as a world-class host and that Montrealers are passionate about sharing their unique cultural offer and urban experience.

Pierre Bellerose
Vice President
Public Relations, Product Research and Development
Tourisme Montréal
(514) 844-2404

31st Annual Acadian Festival Celebration

I'm adding here just the first day of the program. The complete schedule of events can be found at the Acadian Festival official homepage (just follow the link above). There are many shows and entertainment going on there from tomorrow till Sunday! It's a great event for all ages... Have fun! :)


Thursday, June 26, 2008
8am-2pm Guerrette Family Reunion Registration.
Register your name, meet family, and gather genealogy.
Location: Madawaska High School Cafeteria, 7th Ave.
Sponsor: Guerrette Family Reunion

9am Merchants Sidewalk Sale
Location: Main Street
Sponsor: Greater Madawaska Chambers of Commerce

10am Watermelon eating contest
Location: Paradis Shop n' Save, Main Street West
Sponsor: Paradis Shop n' Save

10am-5pm Kids Bouncing Funhouse
Location: Multi-purpose building
Sponsor: Evergreen Manufacturing Group, LLC

10am-2pm Quilting Show
Location: Madawaska High School Lobby, 7th Ave
Sponsor: Madawaska Quilters

11am-2pm Elderly Picnic
Location: Multi Purpose Building, 7th Ave
Sponsor: American Legion Post #147

11am-12pm Music by the Chanteurs Acadien
Valley folk ensemble with a repetoire of French Songs
Location: Multi-purpose building lot, 7th Ave

12pm-4pm Music by The Dynamics
Location: Multi-purpose building lot, 7th Ave

12pm-4pm Bridge Tournament ($6 entry fee per person)
Location: Madawaska Elementary School, 11th Ave
Sponsor: Madawaska Bridge Club

12:30pm-2:30pm Charlemagne Tournament ($5 entry fee per person)
Traditional French Card Game
Location: Senior Citizens'Center, Main Street
Sponsor: Senior Citizens' Center

2pm A Launching of "Voyages: A Franco-American Reader".
Location: Madawaska High School, 7th Ave.

4:30pm-6:30pm Music by Denis/Nola
Location: Multi-purpose building lot, 7th Ave

7pm-9pm Music by Jerry T. Duo
Location: Multi-purpose building lot, 7th Ave

7pm Guerrette Talent Show Rehersal
Location: MHS Café
Sponsor: Guerrette Family Reunion

All day, each day through Sunday Ways of the Woods - an interactive mobile museum about relationship of the people and the land of the Northern Forest. A must see and no charge to the public.
Location: Multipurpose Building, 7th Ave.
Sponsor: Ezzy Insurance

For more information on the schedule, follow this link.

Le Vent du Nord will be performing in New Hampshire at St. Kieran Arts Center this Thursday, June 26th at 7 PM.

Superb musicians and dynamic entertainers, they perform the songs and music of Quebec with high energy in a variety of traditional instruments. Tickets are $12, $6 for students and are on sale at the door.

Le Vent du Nord's performance in NH is made possible through the sponsorship of Brookfield Power and Bryant Funeral Homes with support by the NH State Council for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Stanton and Elizabeth Davis Fund, The Falcon Fund and the Jean & William Hallager Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation.

Circle your calendars for more programs in the Summer Series: Mark Verselli, a critically acclaimed singer impressionist on July 10th, The Northward Bound Summer Chamber Music Concert on July 15th, and The 60's Invasion, New England's premier 60's band on July 24th. The Big Art Show, a large format exhibit is currently on display until July 25th.

For more information and a brochure of all events, please contact the Arts Center office at 752-1028, or at the 155 Emery Street in New Hampshire. Also, visit this link.

Reference: Joan C. Chamberlain, Executive Director
St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts
155 Emery Street
Berlin, NH 03570
(603) 752-1028 phone
(603) 752-3173 fax

Chers membres et abonnés,

C'est avec une immense tristesse et une grande stupéfaction que nous avons
appris le décès subit du musicien Denis Fréchette le 20 juin dernier. Ce
grand musicien, professeur de musique, propriétaire d'un studio
d'enregistrement et grand artisan du milieu traditionnel québécois et jazz
laisse dans le deuil, en plus de sa famille proche, une communauté d'amis et
d'artistes innombrables et ce partout dans le monde.

Pour ceux qui voudraient rendre un dernier hommage à Denis il sera exposé à
la Résidence Funéraire Garceau et Garceau Inc, 636, boulevard Manseau à
Joliette le mercredi 25 juin de 14h à 17h et de 19h à 22h et le jeudi 26
juin à compter de 9h30. Le service funéraire aura lieu à 11h le 26 juin à
l'Église de Notre-Dame-des- Prairies au 37, 1re à Notre-Dame-des- Prairies.

Tout le personnel et les membres du conseil d'administration de Lanaudière :
Mémoire et Racines s'unissent pour offrir leurs plus sincères condoléances à
la famille et aux proches.

Gilles Pitre
Festival Mémoire et Racines

L’animatrice Sonia Benezra est heureuse d’agir comme porte-parole du Mondial des Cultures pour une deuxième année consécutive. Après avoir vécu le festival l’an passé, c’est avec joie et engouement qu’elle s’apprête à reprendre le flambeau. Passionnée par les cultures du monde et amoureuse des voyages, le lien entre le festival et elle est tout fait naturel.

« C’est avec plaisir que j’ai accepté d’être l’ambassadrice du festival encore cette année. Lors de mon passage à Drummondville, j’ai été transportée au cœur même d’un partage constant entre différents pays. Le métissage culturel est omniprésent, ce qui me touche profondément. La proximité avec les artistes et la possibilité de pouvoir interagir avec eux font de ce festival un incontournable de l’été », de dire celle qui sera sur les lieux de l’événement lors de la soirée d’ouverture du 3 juillet prochain. Ce spectacle mettra en scène 500 artistes internationaux ainsi que des artistes de renom dont les noms restent à être confirmés. Encore cette année, la soirée sera gratuite pour tous.

Fort du succès de sa 26e édition en 2007 qui a attiré 309 000 visites, le Mondial des Cultures travaille depuis déjà plusieurs mois sur les préparatifs de la 27e édition qui se tiendra du 3 au 13 juillet 2008. Une vingtaine d’ensembles folkloriques, provenant d’une quinzaine de pays, participeront au festival en 2008.

La programmation complète sera disponible sur le site.

Alain Labonté
Alain Labonté Communications
514 523 9922

Few countries possess a folk music as rich and culturally varied as Canada's. Traditional folk music of European origin has been present in Canada since the arrival of the first French and British settlers in the 16th and 17th centuries (see Folk Music, Anglo-Canadian; Folk music, Franco-Canadian). They fished the coastal waters and farmed the shores of what became Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and the St Lawrence River valley of Quebec. Men of the fur trade (and, later, the lumbering operations) brought much of this music further west and north into the forested areas of central Canada. The mingling of some of these men with various aboriginal tribes produced a population of non-Treaty Indians, known as Métis (eg, Pierre Falcon). more

Salutation à tous ;

Un nouveau festival est né dans Portneuf ; il s'agit du Festival de Sainte Christine qui se tiendra les 15-16-17 août prochain.

Ce village ; Sainte-Christine d'Auvergne est situé au nord de Ville-Portneuf et à l'ouest de Saint-Raymond sur la route qui va de chute Panet envers Saint-Alban et à côté de la rivière Sainte-Anne.

Le16 août au soir ; il va y avoir les Quêteux et Tricoté Serré sous le chapiteau. Le duo Morissette-Dumont jouera en après-midi de la même journée.

Pourrait-on se passer le mot pour y faire un méga jam de musique en fin de soirée ?

Au plaisir.

Gaétan Morissette