US visa regulations have caused the cancellation of festivals such as
Boston College's Gaelic Roots Festival, and have choked off access to
performers and teachers--unless they risk being caught as vacationers
who do gigs. Recently a Cape Breton fiddler was interrogated for 4
hours at the border and then banned for life because of informal plans
to join some American musicians for some performances and workshops.

The problem is that the US focuses only on commerce, and cultural
exchange is not about commerce. Many times performers who share and
teach cultural traditions can't afford the visa fees or the rush fees
($1000!) to get things done in less than 95 days, and they're not
permitted to add or change their itinerary! This just chokes off
cultural exchange for Irish, Canadian, Hispanic, Asian--all sorts of
communities who bring in people to demonstrate and teach, people who
deserve some compensation for time and expenses but who are not
primarily in it for commercial reasons. Big bands who tour can manage
the work visas but not the little guys who pass along tradition--

Please sign the petition at this link, so we can get the ball rolling! And spread the word!


[sent by Ed Pearlman]

Cap ès Trad, émission produite par le Centre de valorisation du patrimoine vivant (ÈsTrad), est diffusée pour une deuxième année sur les ondes de la radio communautaire CKRL (89,1) à Québec, le dimanche soir de 19h00 à 21h00. Elle est co-animée par un collectif d'animateurs qui se relaient de semaine en semaine : Sophie Pomerleau, Lina Giguère, Paul Marchand et Robert Bouthillier. Deux heures de musiques traditionnelles du Québec et de toutes les autres traditions musicales apparentées (Acadie, Louisiane, Nouvelle-Angleterre, Bretagne, Irlande, etc., etc.). Un rendez-vous hebdomadaire avec les traditions orales et musicales d'ici (le Québec, bien sûr) et d'ailleurs, dans leurs formes les plus enracinées comme dans leurs déclinaisons les plus contemporaines.

Cape ès Trad, transmission produced by the Center for the Development of the Living Heritage (ÈsTrad), is broadcasted for a second year on the waves of the community radio CKRL (89,1) to Quebec, on Sundays evening, 7 to 9 P.M. It is presented by a group of coordinators that take turns week in week out: Sophie Pomerleau, Lina Giguère, Paul Merchant and Robert Bouthillier. Two hours of Quebecois traditional music plus other musical traditions such as Acadian, from Louisiana, from New England, Breton, Irish, etc. A weekly appointment with the Quebecois oral traditions - in their most rooted form as in their more contemporary evolutions.

Direct online access: here.

Ralph Page (well-known New England contra dance caller) published a newsletter called "Northern Junket", starting in 1949. The entire collection has been digitized (as images) at the University of New Hampshire.

There is at least one issue (Volume 6, Number 4, May 1958) devoted to French Canadian dance and music, and it includes La Cardeuse:

issue starts here.
La Cardeuse is here.

The issue contains music as well as dance instructions. The foreward says that this is the 2nd special issue devoted to Canadian dance - I haven't found the previous one (and don't know what area of Canada it covers) or whether there were subsequent issues - I'll poke around the site and post a followup if I find more Quebecois items.

The Northern Junket Home is here.

[Thanks, Brown]

March 25th, 6 PM.

The Semaine de la Francophonie, is the international celebration of the French language and heritage. "'Francophonie' was first used by a French geographer in 1887, to describe the different French-speaking populations in the world as a whole". In 1970, representatives of 20 countries met in Niamey (Niger), and created the Agence de Coopération Culturelle et Technique (ACCT), a multilateral agency more concerned with culture and co-operation than politics.

A new sound… three musicians deeply attached to traditional repertoire with ingenious arrangements. The band of Nicolas Pellerin invites you on a journey of exploration in the traditional music which is nuance, subtle and most of all captivating. With Nicolas's two sidekicks, Simon Lepage and Jean-Philippe Reny, it is the promise of an original music where soft atmosphere meets groove mingles with all the craziness included. Colorful music filled with various influences, invites you with their voice, fiddle, and most of all by their rhythmic plucking and foot-tapping.

Nicolas Pellerin has a refined technique of music and song specializing in traditional music. He has been part of the most well-known band of traditional music in Quebec Yves Lambert et le Bébert orchestra for four years. His vitality, rhythmic rigor, his dedication to his roots and his unique style in both foot-tapping and violin are some of the many qualities that puts him on the top of the list in folk music.
Nicolas just won Quebec music award for best traditional album of the year for his first album with his brother Fred et Nicolas Pellerin. He also won the Canadian Folk award for best ensemble of the year with Yves Lambert et le Bébert orchestra.

Original link: Check for more info about this and other events.

L'Orchestre Symphonique de Québec invite Le Vent du Nord

Hier était dévoilée la programmation de la 11e saison de l'Orchestre Symphonique de Québec. À cette occasion, a été annoncé que sera présenté dans le cadre de la Série Coups de foudre Hydro-Québec, un programme tout à fait exceptionnel. Des oeuvres du quatuor Le Vent du Nord seront orchestrées et interprétées par Le Vent du Nord et l'OSQ sous la direction du chef Airat Ichmounatov. Le répertoire de ces soirées sera notamment composé de pièces tirées des CD "Dans les Airs", "Les Amants du St-Laurent" ainsi que des oeuvres inédites du quatuor. Ce sera les 10 et 11 décembre 2009 au Grand Théâtre de Québec.

Le Vent du Nord goes symphonic in Québec City
Quebec City's Symphonic Orchestra just revealed its calendar for the 2009 season. Inside is a truly exceptionnal series called 'Les coups de coeur Hydro-Québec' featuring a symphonic adaptation of Le Vent du Nord songs, directed by maestro Airat Ichmounatov. Selected songs are from the 'Dans les airs' and 'Les amants du St-Laurent' CDs, as well as some neverrecorded material from the band. Don't miss it December 10th and 11th in 'Le Grand Théâtre' in Québec City.

Maidens IV, Ohio's premier Celtic ensemble, presents a night of joy, revelry, and the finest traditional Irish music you will hear anywhere in Ohio. These four young sisters have thrilled audiences throughout the Midwest with their incomparable artistry and amazing four-part harmonies.

Showtime is 7:00 P.M. Friday, March 27th, at LIONS LINCOLN THEATER in Downtown Massillon, Ohio. Proceeds benefit the Massillon/Canton Ulster Project, an organization that works to bring peace and reconciliation to Northern Ireland, one child at a time.

Spend a night in dear old Ireland without leaving home, and help a great cause. Tickets $8.00 advance, $10.00 day of show. Call Paddy O'Robeck at (330) 575-3916 or visit this link for previews and online ticket sales.

The American Folk Festival isn't happening for another 4 to 5 months, but now it's the perfect time to start planning the trip out to Augusta, ME... The list of performers this year is hot and the festival is certain to be a huge success!

The Quebecois a cappella music group, Les Charbonniers de L'enfer, is scheduled to perform in the festival! The Acadian music group Vishtèn and the Cajun music group Lost Bayou Ramblers are also scheduled.

The Acadian traditional music group, Vishtèn, will perform at the Collins Center for the Arts on the campus of the University of Maine at Orono, MA on 16 May 09. If you are around, don't miss it... check them out! They are very talented and one of my favorite bands. Their MySpace (link above) shares some of their tunes... Enjoy it!

For those who are planning to check out Nicolas Pellerin in Burlington, VT, on March 27th, stick around to see Va et Vient play the next day in Lincoln!! It's so worth it!!

They're playing at Burnham Hall, and the contact info for that venue is:
795 East River Road, Lincoln, VT 05443-9672;
phone: (802)453-3803.


The State of Vermont's *Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration* includes many French, Franco-American, French-Canadian & Quebecois activities and events. (www.champlain400. com)

3/28 *Va-et-Vient* @ Burnham Hall, Lincoln, VT (www.indie911. com/va-et- vient)

4/24-26 *Festival d'erables de Vermont / Vermont Maple Festival* @ Saint Albans, VT (www.vtmaplefestiva

4/25 *Toumani Diabate* @ 8 pm, Flynn Center, Burlington, VT (www.flynncenter. org)

5/02 *Fiddlehead Festival* @ Chandler Music Hall, Randolph, VT (www.chandler-

5/06-10/23 Exhibit: *Mapping Champlain's New World* @ Henry Sheldon Museum, Middlebury, VT (www.henrysheldonmu

5/15-10/23 *Franco-American / French-Canadian Days* @ Basin Harbor Club, Vergennes, VT (www.basinharborclu

5/18-19 *Our Hidden Heritage: 1609* @ Flynn Center, Burlington, VT (www.flynncenter. org) *Va-et-Vient* (www.indie911. com/va-et- vient)

6/03 *Sylvie Beaudreau: Legacy of Samuel de Champlain* @ 7 pm, Fletcher Library, Burlington, VT (www.fletcherfree. org)

6/05-14 *Discover Jazz Festival* @ Burlington, VT (www.discoverjazz. com)

6/18-20 *Franco-American Heritage Festival* @ St. Albans, VT (www.stalbansvt. com) *Josee Vachon* (www.joseevachon. com)

6/20 *The Beaudoin Legacy* @ Flynn Center, Burlington, VT (www.flynncenter. org)

6/28-7/07 *Historic Bike Tour of New France: Lake Champlain & Quebec City* (www.gosojourn. com)

7/02-05 Conference: *When the French Were Here* @ Champlain College, Burlington, VT (www.champlainquadr icentennial. com) (www.champlain. edu)

7/04 *Quadricentennial Celebration* @ Bayside Park, Colchester, VT (www.champlain400. com) *The Beaudoin Legacy* (www.beaudoinlegacy .com)

7/17 *French-Canadian Dinner* @ 6:30 pm, Mary's, Bristol, VT (www.innatbaldwincre *Va-et-Vient* @ 8 pm, Red Barn, Bristol, VT (www.innatbaldwincr

7/18 *French Heritage Day* @ City Park, Vergennes, VT (www.frenchheritaged *The Beaudoin Legacy* (www.beaudoinlegacy .com) *Va-et-Vient* (www.indie911. com/va-et- vient) *Quebecois music group to be announced*

7/28-8/02 *Historic Bus Tour of New France: Lake Champlain & Quebec City* ( new-france- historic- tour)

7/31-8/02 *Champlain Valley Folk Festival* @ Ferrisburgh, VT (www.cvfest. org) *The Beaudoin Legacy* (www.beaudoinlegacy .com) *David Boulanger* (www.myspace. com) *Laura Risk* (www.laurarisk. com) *Va-et-Vient* (www.indie911. com/va-et- vient)

8/01-06 *Historic Bus Tour: Cette terre s'appelait Nouvelle France: Lac Champlain & Quebec* ( new-france- historic- tour)

8/08 *Dinner with Samuel de Champlain* @ Mary's, Bristol, VT (www.

8/09-23 *Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival* @ Randolph, VT (www.centralvermont chambermusicfest .org)

8/14-16 *Lake Champlain Maritime Festival* @ Burlington, VT (www.lcmfestival. com)

8/30-9/08 *Historic Bike Tour of New France: Lake Champlain & Quebec City* (www.gosojourn. com)

9/06 *Festival du nouveau monde / New World Festival* @ Chandler Music Hall, Randolph, VT (www.newworldfestiv (www.chandler-

9/12 Conference: *Vermont Archaeological Society* @ St. Anne's Shrine, Ilse La Motte, VT (www.saintannesshri (www.vtarchaeology. org)

10/02-04 *Voyage with D'Olobaratz & the French Flotilla on Lake Champlain (www.champlain400. com)

11/06-07 *IDIECON: American, Canadian & French Music Festival* @ Burlington, VT (www.bigheavyworld. com)

Benoît Pelletier Shoja

Dear all:

Just got back from a trip to France and have lots to update here. Hopefully during this week you will see the new entries popping in... Thanks for all your support!