Happy Holidays to you all!

Christmas is almost here and also the promise of a New Year bringing new accomplishments and great adventures... I'll spend the holidays far away from my family this year but I'm happy I have friends around to share this time with. I want to thank you all for the nice messages and emails, and to all the new friendships although this space is on the air for just few days. I'll do my best to keep Bengal's Corner dynamic bringing many interviews and information to you all.

Have a great holiday season and enjoy the carols!! There are so many great songs that are played just during this time of the year... so don't miss the chance!




  1. HostGold said...
    Feliz Natal e Prospero 2007! Que este novo ano seja repleto de realizacoes, pois seu sucesso e a nossa maior meta. Sao os votos sinceros de toda equipe HostGold.
    Gabriela said...
    Querida amiga:
    Que sea esta Navidad motivo de muchas felicidades, y que reciba este Nuevo Año con buenos augurios, pleno de éxitos y esperanza, junto a tus seres queridos.
    Un beso enorme y fuerte..... y Felices Fiestas!!!
    Anonymous said...
    We wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and happy New Year! Enjoy the free time! I hope that we can find time to hearing from each other more often! Hugs and best wishes from
    Angela and Markus.
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Bengal,

    Thank you for your kind words and wishes, peace be with you.

    James & Ann
    Solange said...
    Bengal, um Feliz Natal para voce e toda a sua familia (mesmo sabendo que estás longe, mas o que interessa é o nosso coração estar bem pertinho).
    Um Ano de 2007 repleto de realizações, muita saúde, muitas alegrias e muitos amores.

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