Hello, everyone!

Today I want to talk about this amazing Brazilian (BR) singer Ana Carolina. One of the great BR singers, Ana Carolina has a very distinctive voice and lots of charisma. She started her career as a teen singing in bars around her hometown, Juiz de Fora, having great part of her family as her musical background. She was discovered in Rio and since then already recorded 5 successful albums.

In 1999, arrived to the public in Brazil the album "Ana Carolina". This is a true work of art that brings back old classics of the Brazilian Jazz but also reveals Ana Carolina as a composer. One of my favorite songs by Ana Carolina is in this album and it's called Armazem ('little store'). Some of her new creative tunes are a mix of irresistible percussion with the power of pop rock that brought her to the national recognition she deserves.

Ana Carolina has been participating on a BR TV show during the past months but will get out of it by February when she starts her new tour. The new album is called Dois Quartos ('two bedrooms') and was launched past December. In 2005, Ana Carolina publicly assumed her bisexuality that is also represented in this album in two very spicy tracks, including Eu Comi a Madona ('I did Madona' - yes, with just one 'n').

Another of my favorite Ana Carolina’ songs, called Garganta ('throat') can be found here. This song is one of the tracks of the album Ana and Jorge - Live. Enjoy it!



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