Hello, everyone!

This Saturday (Mar.10 - 4 PM to 10 PM), a celebration of the Brazilian culture will be happening downtown Nashville, TN, through music, dances, ethnic food, door prizes and lots of fun. The exact location is the Global Cafe (on the corner of Broadway and 4rd). Bring your friends and spread the word!

Among the attractions are Capoeira (one of my favorites!) and also a band named Danny Salazar y Los Kuatro. OK. Obviously, they are not Brazilians... If they are like Pablo's ensemble then they will be playing a lot of Bossa. The event will have many more attractions reserved. I've heard about some type of parade that will open the entire party, thus probably they will need much more space than the Global Cafe and they might use the Front River area or close one of the streets there.

If you want to have some Caipirinhas and dance, that's the event!



  1. Bengal said...
    And before you start to ask...I would love to go, but my boss is coming back from this conference and I'll have a meeting tomorrow afternoon. I might have the chance to go there later, but can't promise anything at this point. Anyway, I'll be in the lab. Bengal.
    Edu said...
    Hi all! The info I got is from Kathy (she called that phone number at the flyer). They said that there will be a parade at 4pm on Broadway and after that the other activities will be at the Global Café. Our friend Rey will be taking part on a Capoeira presentation with his group
    around 5pm and that should be at the Global Café too. That’s all I know… Edu.

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