Godlight Theatre Company is casting the New York Premiere of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse- Five Or: The Children's Crusade adapted by Eric Simonson. Joe Tantalo, dir. Rehearsals start October 22. Performances run January 11-February 17, 2008 at 59E59 Theaters.

Man: early 60s, narrator; Roland Weary: 20s, heavyset, a weak man with dreams of grandeur; Kilgore Trout: late 60s, an unsuccessful science-fiction writer
Valencia Merble: 30s, Billy Pilgrim's heavyset wife
Montana Wildhack: early 20s, a pornographic actress captured by aliens
Eliot Rosewater: 50s war veteran
Howard Campbell: 30s, American who has become a Nazi
Bertram Rumfoord: late 60s, Harvard history professor
Males and Females: 18+, any ethnicity, to play various characters.

Auditions will be held by appt. only in September.
To schedule an audition appt., send pix & resumes by Aug. 10 to 69 Garfield Place 3R, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Attn: SH5.

Non-Union, possible pay.

For more information, www.godlighttheatrecompany.org.


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