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I'm very curious about my readers that have an interest on the movie Still Breathing. One review once said: "the notion of Still Breathing is sweet and lovely, and possesses moments of breathtaking beauty -- Fletcher turning a projector on Roz, using her skin as a sensuous, reflective screen; a miniature cairn constructed in the palm of a hand; Ida playing an easy, affectionate Chopin on her tuba. Adding to the charm is a marvelous and evocative soundtrack that completes rather than overwhelms the images. The picture has the power to enchant, but...", and here I leave to you all. This is one of my favorite movies and it's not perfect, but very entertaining. And, of course, I simply love the soundtrack that is great but not easily available at this point in time.

This isn't a well-known movie, even in US. Indeed, I know few people that saw it and have an idea of what I'm talking about but I know many of you out there has an interest on it. So, please, tell me what is it about this movie that you like? Is it about the soundtrack? Do you have it? Some of you stopped by my blog because of the lyrics I added of one of the songs of the movie, and I appreciate the emails. Now, I want everybody else to express their comments, ideas, interest and questions on the subject. Use the comments space here or send me an email.

In my case, one of the stories in the movie that I love the most is the local legend about La Ventana de Rosa (the Rose Window), at the Mission San José in San Antonio. If you go to San Antonio, I really recommend it.

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still breathing....


  1. Anonymous said...
    bengal - i loved this dvd, love the soundtrack the most but cannot find it, they show many places in hollywood by the way if you did not visit yet, never been to san antonio, need to fix that - elisa.
    Bengal said...
    Dear someone: if you find the chords for this one, let me know... I don't have them, but it might not be difficult to get. I don't play the guitar but the violin. But it actually doesn't sound too complicate to get the chords. For the rest of her work, it would be easier to contact her official website and they might help you with more references.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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