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Lyrical(ly) Living History 2.0 will bring De Temps Antan, a French-Canadian folkloric musical trio, and Benoit Bourque, a French-Canadian dancer and musician, to Genesee County for a series of community events. This project, co-organized by Professors Matthew Hilton-Watson and Anjili Babbar, will serve Flint-area residents and students, faculty and staff from several elementary schools within the GISD service area. On Wednesday, March 26, 2008, at 6 P.M., a workshop conducted by Benoit Bourque and a performance by De Temps Antan at the Broome Center in Flint is open to the public.

Benoit Bourque and De Temps Antan’s music is a rich blend of traditional French-Canadian and Acadian songs and original compositions by the artists. Their sets intersperse instrumental folkloric pieces with French-Canadian response songs - all driven by the energetic beat of French-Canadian podorythmie, the foot percussion heard in traditional music from Québec.

In their twenties and thirties, the members of De Temps Antan offer a fresh and vibrant perspective on the music of their ancestors and on the joie de vivre that has come to define the music of their province.

This project is made possible with the assistance of the Ruth Mott Foundation and the GISD. Additional support was provided by the Québec Delegation Chicago, the Hilton-Watson family, the Department of English at The University of Michigan-Flint, and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at The University of Michigan-Flint.

For further information, please call 810.610.4874.
Contact: Matthew Hilton-Watson.


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