Two films from Quebec filmmakers will be presented at the 7th edition of the Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF). The films have english subtitles. The filmmakers are likely to attend, though their presence has yet to be confirmed.


Les femmes de la Brukman (The Women of Brukman)
Director: Isaac Isitan
Screening at: The Harvard Film Archive, Saturday October 4, 4pm

This film premiered at Sundance earlier this year.

Synopsis: During the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina, the seamstresses at Brukman's clothing factory took over the operation the owners had abandoned. They reorganized it on a self-management model, without a doubt the most inspiring of the many new economic experiments in that country.

Isaac Isitan followed these courageous women over many years, their struggle to get the operation running again, their expulsion from the factory, months of battling to get it back, and tangles with the law. This is the story of a venture that began as a means of survival and became a genuine school for civics.

Cubanos: Life and Death of a Revolution
Director: Yan Giroux
Screening at: The Harvard Film Archive, Sunday October 5, 9:45pm.

Synopsis: Cubanos, an independent production, liberates itself from television convention to draw an impressionist portrait of the Cuban community. Sincere interviews and sequence shots reveal an identity fragmented by 48 years of dictatorship.

The main character, Catuey, a Cuban musician, brings to his journey and his songs the image of an ideal Cuba hurt by the division in its people and the group-think that prevails in Miami.

While Catuey and the interviewees try to define themselves both as individuals and as Cubans, the camera paints a broader, more complex portrait of a people held prisoner by their history.

By exploring the richness of cinematographic language, Cubanos goes beyond the documentary genre to become a road movie that takes us to the heart of Catuey's struggle.

Date: From October 4, 2008 to October 5, 2008
Harvard Film Archive
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
24 Quincy Street
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

Marc-Antoine Bédard
Attaché aux Affaires publiques / Public Affairs Attaché
Délégation du Québec à Boston / Quebec Government Office in Boston
One Boston Place, suite 1920
201 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108


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