This Wednesday, Dec. 31st, Élizabeth Gagnon will review the great Quebecois Trad artists that entertained us during 2008 (and for years before!)

Réveillons nos racines
Presenter: Élizabeth Gagnon
Radio de Radio-Canada
December 31st, 8 P.M.

Among the artists of the night, we will listen to Les Charbonniers de l’enfer, La volée d’castors, Les chauffeurs à pieds, Les Batinsses, les Mononcles, Rosheen, Galant, Tu perds ton temps, Réveillons, Gentilcorum, Le Vent du Nord, les frères Pellerin, Yves Lambert and the Bébert orchestra, De Temps Antan, etc.

This information can also be found in French at the Franco-American News & Events, posted by Jacques Boudreau. Thanks, Jacques, for sharing the news!



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