Date: March, 10th to 17th
Location/Sponsor: Burlington Irish Heritage Festival

About the Event:

In addition to the French, the Irish have a longstanding history with the Lake Champlain region, with the earliest Irish-Vermonters settling here during the French and Indian War. The Burlington Irish Heritage Festival will feature a week-long series of music, dance, lecture, literary and artistic events celebrating the Irish and Lake Champlain.

About the Location/Sponsor:

The Burlington Irish Heritage Festival has celebrated the Irish-American culture of northwestern Vermont for over 12 years with an annual series of lecture, films, workshops, art and literary events, music and dance. The first Irish on record to settle in Vermont came as deserters from the British Army in the French and Indian War. Later waves of Irish immigrants include those working in the steamer trade and for the railroads. Early Burlington Irish communities were located in downtown, in lakeside neighborhoods, and in the old North End. The members of the Festival steering committee have a variety of insights, interests and expertise in the Irish in Vermont.


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