Here are four dates for your agenda.
Open sessions and musicians are welcome.

Bretonne Session
Friday, August 21.
All musicians welcome.

Irish Session
Friday, September 4.
All musicians welcome.

Two Extra Sessions

Irish Session

Thursday, August 27

Will Flewitt and girlfriend Sue from Brighton in East Sussex will play at the Le Cheval Blanc on Thursday 27 August. Sue plays fiddle and Will plays the Uilleann pipes and mandolin. Will and Sue would like to meet French musicians playing Irish music.

Scottish Session
Wednesday 2 Septembre
Andrew MacIntyre: small pipes and whistles
Ros Gasson: fiddle
Corinne Clarke: fiddle
Gordon Wilson: fiddle
Ann Ward: concertina and flute
Roy Carbarns: guitar
Marta McGlynn: concertina
Carol Rae: piano
Musiciens Bienvenue!

Merci pour votre soutien!
Thank you for your support!

A bientôt!


Hotel Le Cheval Blanc
34, Rue de la Madeleine
22130 Plancoet


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