Hello All,

We are down to just a few weeks to go before we hold our 6th Annual O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, and we wanted to make one last contact with our friends and fellow players to invite them to enroll. It’s not too late. Here are some items that may interest you and, hopefully, persuade you to come:

Openings in Most Classes
The only classes that have closed so far are the intermediate fiddle classes and the basic instruments classes. Everything else is open including advanced fiddle, beginning whistle/flute, intermediate/advanced whistle, intermediate/advanced flute, bodhran, piano, dropped-D guitar, DADGAD guitar, standard guitar, piano, piano accordion, button accordion (C#/D and B/C), tenor banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, harp, uilleann pipes and Gaelic singing. We also still have openings in our youth program for kids ages 6-10 called the Kids Music & Heritage Workshops. HOWEVER, some classes are reaching their caps, so hurry!

We’ve Got Pianos
News Flash…. Our piano classes will now provide electric pianos so you don’t have to bring yours. We just received permission from Camp Hoblitzelle to use its piano room which is filled with pianos.

Dorms Open
We still have beds available both in our men’s and women’s dorms, and we have one of the nicest tent camping areas at Camp Hoblitzelle that I’ve seen. There are hotels in the area surrounding Midlothian that may still have rooms.

What Do You Get for Your Tuition?
Two 90-minute core classes each day; one 90-minute enrichment class each day; Texas Tune & Song Tussle friendly ensemble competition; concerts at every meal and evening; sessions in three levels each night; “Meet & Greet” on Thursday night; a lot of fun with motivated students and great instructors who love Irish music.

Take One More Look!

Last chance. We hope you’ll give it some serious thought. Everyone needs a break now and then to saturate yourself in good music and good times. Come to Midlothian and join the 200 who have enrolled so far!


Ken Fleming
O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat


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