Picture this...

You are in the port walking the wood deck till the water...watching the Sun over the ocean …It’s early morning, a crispy sunny winter morning...everything around is very quiet. You have your sweater, your hot coffee and the cold breeze in your hair... You are not cold. Actually you feel comfortable, very comfortable. And the only thing you can hear is the warmth of this song, En disant ('just saying')… this is the perfect moment... Not that everything in your life is the way you want, but everything is the way it should be… and you have that perfect moment, in complete peace and true happiness…with the perfect song.

That’s why this composition is one of my favorites of all times. It always takes me back to perfection.

En disant is part of the album Un peu d'ci, un peu d'ça by Nicolas Boulerice and Olivier Demers.

en disant...

PS.: If I could let you hear just a little bit of it... I would make it the Bengal's Corner theme song! :)


  1. Chawa said...
    Nice place to stop. I am curious about the music.
    Well, who will be the first interviwer?
    Bengal said...
    Hi, Chawa! Nice to hear from you. I have a group of interviews going on so the first one to get ready will be here. Thanks for stopping by! Bengal.

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