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Last week I had the chance to interview new singer/songwriter James Carrington. Many of you already know his name if you watched the TV series Smallville last October. Great part of the song Ache played at the end of the episode. After that night, thousands of viewers completely stunned by the tune started a search for the voice behind it. James Carrington’s website got over 130,000 hits and the new fans were looking for his Only for you CD single.

James Carrington was born in Epson, England in 1973. Music was always a part of his life since he grew up in a musical family. He is a LAMDA trained actor and originally formed the band Little Giants in 1999, before writing some great new material for his own solo career. James did many gigs in the London-New York circuit. He also had some TV experience while playing a role in the TV show Regency House Party back in 2004.

About the photo: This is James partying his way into the New Year!


Bengal: Hi, James, before we start is there anything that you wish the press would or wouldn't ask you? :) [Indeed, I'm not the press]

James Carrington: About my personal life I guess... I'm quite open though so don't mind too much...

Bengal: When did you first realize you wanted to be an artist?

Carrington: Always wanted to perform and started as an actor. But was only when I was 26 that I realized I could write songs and that's when the bug got me and has never let go!

Bengal: Does anyone in your family have a musical background?

Carrington: All of them. My sister [Rebecca Carrington] is a cellist and comedian, my mother a pianist and teacher and my dad [Simon Carrington] was in an internationally renowned a cappella group called the King's Singers for 25 years and performed over 3000 concerts and made 70 recordings with EMI.

Bengal: Are there any specific artists that you admire?

Carrington: Two at the moment I have huge admiration for. Damien Rice and John Mayer. Always loved Paul McCartney for his melodies..

Bengal: Who are your influences?

Carrington: I guess the ones on my MySpace site... Damien Rice is someone who keeps me on my toes as he has found a new level I think for singer songwriters..

Bengal: You had a band before. How was that experience?

Carrington: Good and bad... I loved the gigs and learnt a lot but I am much happier on my own. Less political and easier all round!

Bengal: Do you have a particular method to your songwriting? What inspires you?

Carrington: No method. Inspiration can strike at any time and it's important to have something to hand in case it does. For instance I was looking at a venue last night in London and suddenly felt a song coming on so I asked the venue manager to give me a few minutes alone on the piano in the hall!

[That's really cool]

Bengal: In US the song Ache caused a lot of sensation, especially after it was played in the TV series Smallville. How did Ache impact your life so far?

Carrington: Hugely... Up until that point I was plodding along trying to get noticed and suddenly within 4 days my website had taken over 130,000 hits! I am incredibly grateful.

Bengal: You have experience as an actor and did TV before. Do you plan to do more acting in the future?

Carrington: I would definitely consider doing something if it seemed appropriate. I was approached about a film called August Rush and would have taken the part if they had given it to me.

Bengal: How important it is for a British artist to be successful in US?

Carrington: So important. It's the Holy Grail. [It's] the biggest market and the hardest to break.

Bengal: You will be recording an album in 2007. Are you signed to a label here in US? Can you tell us a little bit about this album?

Carrington: At the moment I'm signed to a small independent in the UK who have been supporting me. I would like to get a major label in the US to distribute it... I am hoping to start recording it very soon in Los Angeles. It will be full of melodies and poignant moments!

Bengal: Have you ever been to South America? How do you like Brazilian music? I'm originally from Brazil so I have to ask, in case you know a little bit of Brazilian music.

Carrington: I adore South America and went traveling there in 1992 for 5 months... desperate to spend more time in Brazil as only had 10 days there... the music is awesome, the women............oh my gaaad!

[ One of my favorite parts of the interview! :) ]

Bengal: Anything else you would like to tell your fans? :)

Carrington: Thank you so much for supporting me at this early stage and I hope to be getting some great material to you soon...

Bengal: Thanks a lot for your time, James, and lots of success!

If you enjoyed this interview, let me know. You are welcome to leave comments and critics. James will have a show coming up this week in London, and my dear friends from Canada, stay tuned because James Carrington might be going to Toronto for a show mid-February!



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  1. Márcia Gomes said...
    I love him!! É pena que a gente não tem o mesmo acesso aqui do Brasil mas fiquei feliz em saber um pouco mais. Obrigada.
    Julliet said...
    Where in Toronto? When??
    Edu Gaúcho said...
    Really cool!
    Eu já tinha lido a entrevista e achei muito tri!
    Te said...
    Uau! Parabens!
    Uma nova era no seu Blog!
    Que seja o inicio de muitas!!!


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