Hello, everyone!

If you enjoyed the interview with James Carrington and you are located in UK or passing by London next Thursday, here is the tip for James next gig:

It's been a while since I played in London and I have some lovely new songs that I've never played live! says James about this show.

James will be playing around 9pm. The tickets are £8. You can buy it at the door or, if you want to be really organized, you can pre-pay through the Bush Hall Music website.

310 Uxbridge Road
London W12 7LJ.
(0208) 222-6933

From central London to Shepherd’s Bush Green:
94, 148, 49, N207
From west London to Shepherd’s Bush Green:
283, 72, 260, 207, 266

Shepherds Bush Central (10 min walk)
Hammersmith and City line (5 min walk)

And this is all the info I have.
Have fun, cats!



  1. Sarah! said...
    I'm going!!!! Sarah.
    Patrick Bokob said...
    Saw the show. Loved!

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