Hello, everyone!

I'm finally having time to organize things a little bit better and since many of you asked about some of the titles in my collection, here is one more: Pris sur le vif by Tomas Jensen & Les Faux-Monnayers.

Tomas was born in Argentina, and after living in Chile, Brazil and France, he took up residence in Canada, more preciselly Québec. :) His new album, Pris sur le vif, brings songs from Pierre Lapointe, Zeca Baleiro and the great Caetano Veloso. Five of the 21 tunes are sang in Portuguese. For my Brazilian friends, pay particular attention to the song Le Vent du Nord that is quite a French Frevo!

Check some of the songs in his website. You can click on the image and go to salle d'écoute. In this page you have the option to hear to many of these songs.

Have fun!

dancing all weekend!

(around 400 Irish dancers - and bands - from
the region and East Coast are in town for a
Feis this weekend...)


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