Hello, everyone!

Thanks for all the messages. I'll have many events to recommend for May - apparently every show I want to see will happen on the 5th or 18th... I can't be at all places at the same time!!! I know a bit of Physics, you know... :) But I know I'll have at least one friend in each show, checking out and surely letting me know later all I missed, right cats? Besides that, I'm already paying attention to the events going on in Quebec and in California because I'll be soon hanging out around there. For now, let's talk TV commercial music!

Don't you go crazy when you listen to a nice 30 sec of a song during a TV commercial and you can't figure out which song it is? I already found so many interesting songs and artists this way. I was discussing this subject over lunch today and we started to talk about the music used in the GEICO's add about the Caveman in the airport. Do you know which one is this? Well, here is the info for my curious friends:

The song is called Remind Me by Royksopp, an indie electronic-pop duo from Norway. The song is on their 2002 CD titled Melody AM. If you liked this song, believe me - you will enjoy the entire album!




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