Le Vent du Nord (Brunet, Beaudry, Boulerice and Demers) with Norman - the gnome

Bangor, ME :- The North Wind blew in from Québec once more with a force to be reckoned with. Le Vent Du Nord was in form on the rainy night of May 18 in Ellsworth, ME. Full of renewed energy and dressed in the so well known Québécois style, Nicolas Boulerice, Olivier Demers, Simon Beaudry and Rejean Brunet presented a show that was anything but boring, to say the least.

Even before they hit the stage, the audience was in frenzy. They brought the band out to a packed house, cheering, clapping and stomping their feet, for the music of one of the best loved Canadian bands to hit this area in many years. Olivier, the band's fiddle player, was beckoning everyone down in front of the stage to dance and sing along while still in the third song of the night. It did not take much coaxing to gather the crowd of enthusiastic fans, young and old, dancing and clapping to the beat of the music.

Their opening song, Les amants du Saint-Laurent (Nicolas Boulerice), had a new sound with the addition of Brunet’s bass playing. A much deeper, cut to the soul sound than before. The repertoire was full of new tunes from their soon to be released 3rd album. A wonderful blend of old tradition and newly written songs, this album is surely to be a contender for the prestigious and highly coveted Juno! Mark our words: we will definitely see Le Vent du Nord in the running for this award in the coming year!

Among some of the new tunes, two stand out as becoming signature songs for the band. Heure Bleue is a beautiful song about the time between night and day when the sky is that deep shade of blue, just before the dawn. Beautiful and magical are the only two words that can be used to describe this song. Rosette is another that is sure to capture the hearts of all those who love the Québécois traditional music.

Keep an eye open for their new album coming soon, so you can all enjoy these and the many other wonderful tunes soon to be filling everyone’s head with wonder and enchantment!

Till the next time, mes amis!

Sue and Liz, the Maine Connection. :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    I saw the show! They are amazing! I need the cds, all of them! Marilyn, Ellsworth, ME.
    Laura said...
    Dear Sue and Liz - great review. I love Vent du Nord and I'm so apprehensive for their next Cd!! Can't wait for it and I loved the list of songs - great part is completely new, right? Thanks for this review! Laura from Norwood, GA.
    curious ears said...
    Lucky ones, you... I'll see them in Seatle in july.
    Sue said...
    Yes, nine of the songs on the list are from the new album being released in October. It's sure to be a good one! Also, check back the end of this month as Liz and I will be traveling to Montreal to catch a couple more shows on the 23rd and 24th! We'll keep you posted on any news and hopefully get to hear some more new tunes!!
    Bengal said...
    Hi, cats! Liz and Gravel (sound eng. for LVDN) did a footage of part of the show. Hopefully I'll be able to release that on the YouTube. If so, I'll let you know. And the girls are getting ready for their next show! :) Meanwhile, enjoy the blog... Bengal.
    Liz said...
    Check out the video from the show on YouTube.com!!! (put "le vent du nord" in the search window)

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