Join us in 2008! Boxwood Canada Dates: July 19 - July 25, 2008

Join us in beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to discover the traditional music of the flute amid one of North America's most exquisite 18th century seaside towns. Boxwood presents the timeless voice of the flute along with many other instruments and voices in concerts, dances, sessions, classes, lectures with gourmet cuisine in the heart of Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore to inspire the creative spirit of every participant. The Boxwood experience brings together kindred spirits from all over the world creating lasting friendships, nourishing music, and soulful fun in a unique festival and workshop program that is completely non-competetive.

Boxwood has received worldwide recognition over the past decade producing extraordinary gatherings dedicated to exploring and sharing the oral traditions of flute playing. Boxwood’s invited guest artists change from year to year to include leading players, teachers, makers, and scholars from among many musical traditions. Students attend classes daily and are encouraged to visit with each teacher during the course of the week with the aim of expanding musical vocabulary, learning new techniques, broadening their sense of the instrument, and enabling them to find their own musical voice. The evenings are filled with social gatherings that include excellent meals, concerts, social dancing, informal gatherings and sessions of music-making with students and teachers alike. While the week in Lunenburg focuses on the flute & whistle and their musical traditions, the festival encourages a multidisciplinary approach, inviting a variety of artists, students and players of all instruments at all levels – novice and experienced, including players of the modern Boehm system flute.


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