• New Tune - called "Raven's Wing," the tune is a slow air or waltz in 3/4 that fiddlers and dancers seem to enjoy. It's not difficult to play - the A part's in Em and it moves to E major in the B. Go ahead and learn it by ear. This is a new tune, written with Groovemama's Max Cohen in memory of my father and Julie Beaudoin, who both died in the early spring.

• Julie Beaudoin's spirit lives on in our work and her family's music. We are incredibly lucky to have a good film of her last concert with us on March 29 at the Blackstone River Theatre in RI. We are editing a DVD of the concert from the footage. For now, check out The Beaudoin Legacy on YouTube. The 8-minute finale starts with two songs, "Franque-Franque sur la riviere"
and "Ferme ta guelle," moving into "Dad's Reel" and ending with "La Bastringue," with Glenn Bombardier step-dancing.

• Groovemama says hello to old and new friends from our recent Southwest tour. Our new website is up with information about our Southwest, Florida and Eastern US tours in 2008-2009. Let us know if you're interested in hosting a workshop or house councert for one of our tours.

• Summer Fiddle Camps at Old Songs Community Center, Voorheesville NY - three weeks in July with Groovemama and cellist Renata Bratt, one for ages 6-18, one for adults, one for advanced players and teachers.

• Groovemama coaches the Great Groove Bands for ages 6-18 at Old Songs Festival (June 27-29) and Philly Folk Festival (Aug 15-17). Check out the festival dates and workshop times and the signup routine for this year.

• Chanterelle's new website - soon to move to www.joseevachon.com - Chanterelle and Beaudoin Legacy groups both performing at Franco Heritage Day, July 12, Vergennes Opera House, Vergennes VT.

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