St. Albans Franco American Heritage festival will be held this June 20-21 in Downtown Taylor Park and at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Musical award-winning performances in Taylor Park:
Michele Choiniere (I'm in love with her voice!)
Benoit Bourque (energetic dancer, talented artist from Quebec)
Don Roy (Maine fiddler)
Les Gens D'Plaisix
The Fiddleheads
M. Patrice

Quebecois Crafters, Geneology Exhibits, Food, among other events and activities.
Cultural Dinner/ Dance Celebration at the Knights of Columbus

For more information & Complete Schedule Contact:
Karen Bresnahan SAFF, 524-1500 or Ron Larose, Chamber 524-2444

Partnering Sponsors:
Vertmont Folklife, Handy Toyota, Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce, & St. Albans For the Future(SAFF)


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