Gadelle is a new four member, all woman, traditional Acadian band that is an evolution from the nucleus of Les Girls, the last musical project that former Barachois members Helene Bergeron and Louise Arsenault have created. Gadelle is an old Acadian word which translates as "wild berries" and also has a connotation of a feisty female. This new group's style of show is delivered with stylistic purity and the stagecraft that Barachois was known for. The four members of the group are: Helene Bergeron (from Barachois)- vocals, piano, pump organ, fiddle, foot percussion and step dancing; Louise Arsenault (also from Barachois)- fiddle, harmonica, foot percussion, step-dancing; Caroline Bernard- primary vocalist, piano, pump organ, accordion and guitar; Paige Gallant- fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass and step-dancing. Caroline and Paige are in their early twenties and Helene and Louise are in their early 50's so there is an interesting cross generational dynamic which comes out in the context of the show. Gadelle members play with ferocity and stylistic conviction while putting on one heck of a show. A must-see show!

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Shared by Benoit Pelletier Shoja

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Just saw these ladies perform in Lewiston, Maine...the rocked!!! So much music and energy for only 4 petite femmes!! It was a double-bill show with Benoit Bourque, Sabin Jacques and Eric Favreau. Amazing!

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