Yesterday, I completely forgot that I had a program for the night... I was already relaxed in comfortable clothes at home, about to open a wine, when I remembered about Free Whiski performing at the Tippetary Inn Irish Pub in Dallas. I still had 2 h to go and in fact I arrived at the pub 5 min before they started!

It was my first time at the Tippetary. Nice place. It's a big pub with a sports bar in the back (?!?). It was crowded and in great majority the audience was older than the one I find at the Trinity Hall pub. Also, there were many men in ties - it seemed like they came from a wedding or from one of the wedding rehearsals... very curious. Many Irish descendants around too. The Tippetary is famous for their Sheppard's pie and it is actually delicious, and the service is very fast. A place to return in the future.

About Free Whiski... Rodger Harrison, Garren Bagely and Deanna Smith Scotland played a range of popular songs going from blues to rock ballads. Once in a while they would turn to their roots, and play an Irish tune with Deanna on the bodhran. I enjoyed listening to her. She sings the great majority of the tunes and has a powerful voice. I guess I was expecting more of the traditional Irish tunes though... some fiddles too! But it was fun. I didn't stay till the very end of the show because I was tired, but I enjoyed great part of it.

And yes, that's the name of the band and how they write it... :)


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