In August 2000, on the occasion of the launching of my website at, I wrote:

"The last time that my guitar and I were on the stage was in June 1995. Since then, my songs remained on cassette and no one listened to them anymore. Now (August, 2000) this mp3 cryogenic capsule begins a trip through the unknown cyberspace looking for
planets musically inhabitable, worlds that can be similar to yours."

For the first time, my Bossa Nova could be heard from all places around the world, finally ending the many years of isolation that happened due to various factors, keeping my music confined within the borders of my country, Uruguay.

At that time the mp3 technology meant a stunning revolution in terms of transmission of audio through the Internet, and since that date many interesting things happened in my career.

But what I never imagined back in 2000 is that 8 years later, new technologies would allow me to present my Bossa Nova live and in real time through the Internet for all the world.

For this reason I inform you that next Saturday, December 13 at 02:00 GMT, I'll perform, for the first time online, my live show "Opus Bossa Nova", through this link.

I'll wait for you all to share with me this brand new adventure!

German Bense

Note: You can calculate the local time for the transmission of this show through this link... it will basically convert the GMT time into your local one.


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