The Veillée de l’avant-Veille is now firmly established as a Holiday tradition in Montréal. This unique once-a-year event is all about traditional folk music and dance. The venue is in the heart of downtown Montréal. There, about a thousand people gather to celebrate the here and now and experience the trance induced by traditional dances: square dances, cotillons, quadrilles, etc. Pure joy for the senses!

More than a concert, an evening!

As usual, the Veillée de l’avant-Veille will unfold in three times. First there will be a double concert followed by feverish dancing.

On the bill this year:
GENTICORUM: Group consisting of Alexandre DeGrosBois-Garand, Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet.
LE VENT DU NORD: The world’s top Quebec traditional folk group! During fall, the band has been nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards Band of the year and their third album DANS LES AIRS has been nominated for ADISQ's Album of the Year - TRAD. Their performance are a blast and their musicianship unparalleled.
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BERTHIAUME: One of Quebec’s best square dance callers.

Join us for the Veillée de l’Avant-Veille, the Pre-New Year’s Eve, a gathering of happy people!


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