March 25th, 6 PM.

The Semaine de la Francophonie, is the international celebration of the French language and heritage. "'Francophonie' was first used by a French geographer in 1887, to describe the different French-speaking populations in the world as a whole". In 1970, representatives of 20 countries met in Niamey (Niger), and created the Agence de Coopération Culturelle et Technique (ACCT), a multilateral agency more concerned with culture and co-operation than politics.

A new sound… three musicians deeply attached to traditional repertoire with ingenious arrangements. The band of Nicolas Pellerin invites you on a journey of exploration in the traditional music which is nuance, subtle and most of all captivating. With Nicolas's two sidekicks, Simon Lepage and Jean-Philippe Reny, it is the promise of an original music where soft atmosphere meets groove mingles with all the craziness included. Colorful music filled with various influences, invites you with their voice, fiddle, and most of all by their rhythmic plucking and foot-tapping.

Nicolas Pellerin has a refined technique of music and song specializing in traditional music. He has been part of the most well-known band of traditional music in Quebec Yves Lambert et le Bébert orchestra for four years. His vitality, rhythmic rigor, his dedication to his roots and his unique style in both foot-tapping and violin are some of the many qualities that puts him on the top of the list in folk music.
Nicolas just won Quebec music award for best traditional album of the year for his first album with his brother Fred et Nicolas Pellerin. He also won the Canadian Folk award for best ensemble of the year with Yves Lambert et le Bébert orchestra.

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